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The transformation

The transformation.

Our practice was rising steadily and we were doing well for ourselves.
And today, she was going to deliver our twins.
But it was a complicated pregnancy and she was in the OT undergoing the c section.
The cord had tangled one of the twins.
All three of their lives were in danger.
To take my mind of things I went through some of our photos.
And I stopped at the first one, I couldn’t even recognize her in this photo.
It was first picture of us together which was posted on social media by me.
It was just me and her. Both of us suffering from severe obesity. Only half the both of us could fit the frame.
I was 5’9 and weighed 101kg and she was 5’11 and 120kg.
We were known as “the gentle giants”.
I first met her when I had just started my medical practice. She was a PG in the medicine department during that time. It was an instant connection with her.
She was funny and the gentlest person I had ever met. And she was the only one who didn’t bring up my weight in any of our discussions.
Our personalities and our weights almost matched.
We never talked about our weight but we both knew that it wasn’t just about our size or looks, it was our health at risk.
Bit of us being physicians, we knew the rampant epidemic of Obesity, especially in the younger group.
As doctors we first need to keep ourselves healthy before advising our patients.
So finally I decided that we both not only lose weight but transform ourselves to the best shape of our lives.
And the process began. We did everything from three hour personalized workout, to fat burners to supplements to even taking a one month leave from work just to concentrate on our workouts.
By the end of the year. We had done it.
We achieved the impossible. My wife had the perfect hourglass figure, and was the center of attraction at every function I lost fat bigtime, but wasn’t able to get the washboard abs I was aiming at. But I was fit now and she was happy with it.
Our transformation was the talk of the town; we were the inspiration for everyone.
It was all great. Over time fitness became a way of life for us.
Until this happened.
The doctor entered the room.
I stood up immediately and ran to him.
“I’m sorry, we could save only one of them” he said as handed me the baby.

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