Thursday, 23 March 2017

The basement

The basement.

The wastage had to disposed of at near the last room of the corner.
The basement was dark and a streak of light passing through the Brocken door falling on the corridor.
So I quickly walked along and threw the bag of syringes and blood stained bandages to the bin which would be later taken away by the cleaning guys.
As I was walking past the rooms, the lights of one of the rooms switched on.
It got my attention, so I scanned through the room from around the door.
I hadn’t been here since a long time and I realized this used to be the old pharmaceutical drug storage place.
I tough I should switch off the light and proceeded inside the room.
As I looked for the switch, I could see the room was unkempt. A couple of drawers were slid out carrying some old medicines. Some bandages stuck to the floor.
I could smell formalin in the air.
As I was on the opposite side of the room, the light started to flicker.
I felt some presence in the room, there was someone in the room.
The door closed on my face as I was rushed. The door locked itself, the lights flickering violently now.
I started banging the door, trying to open it.
Suddenly a whisper spread across the room “shhhhhhhhhhhhh…….”
A cold chill ran down my spine.
I slowly turned.
Just below the light, I could see someone crouched on her knees sitting on top of the table.
It had long hair covering the forehead.
I couldn’t feel my legs and desperately fidgeted with the lock of the door. Suddenly I felt the notch and unlocked the door.
I ran out of the room to the door to the elevator. And the elevator finally came.
I opened the gate and rushed in.
Once inside, even though I could feel my chest pumping, I was protected by the elevator.
 I just stood inside, waiting for it to open and rush to my ward filled with people.
After a few seconds I realized that the lift wasn’t moving.
That is when the door opened.
I forgot to press the floor.
I was still in the basement. It was standing right before me with a long syringe in its hand, blood dripping from it. I could see its face clearly for the first time.
It had a long fresh scar right across its face, yellow crocked teeth as it smiled at me.
I kept pressing the G floor frantically.
But before the door closed, it leaped inside the lift.

I was never going back up again.


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