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why the CHANGE

Why the CHANGE.
I spread the hash evenly over the OCB as VP was browsing through YouTube for Music. According to our dealers this was the best stuff they had got since a long time. They had got it from the one of the hill stations of South India which has the most fertile land for plantations. I sprinkled more stuff than usual onto the brown OCB, and it was going to be long joint. I was a pro now and rolled it into a perfect banana shaped joint. I added more hash and filled it to the brim. It was ready to get lighted up. ‘Ok bro pass the lighter” VP threw one of the lighters. And finally the first drag. My mind was finally clear now, it felt light and I didn’t care about anything for the moment. Took another deep drag and passed it to VP. The music played on, it was the ganja song by Bob Marley. It was our all-time favorite. The song just took us to another level, every time. I stretched out my legs to rest it on the bed. It had been a year since I got into the dope. I still didn’t u…

That day

That day.

“It was my case presentation that day and it was kind of a big deal back then especially in my unit. We were thirteen in our unit. Out of which 10 were the in the top 15 of our class, me, damo and Sharq were in the bottom ten. So most of the posting days, we three mostly were isolated from the rest. They took regular cases, did their assignments and did regular studies. We on the other side of the ward used to pass time on our phones, talk about how god the weed was last night and went for regular smoke breaks in between. Even during the case discussions, we used to be at the back just trying to get through the class. The others did all the answering, and I was the one who got screwed up the most for not answering. It was one month of pediatrics posting and every day one of us had to present a case to the professor, the history, the clinical findings and the treatment. Basically we had to know everything about the particular case. And it was my turn today, I had tried ski…

The basement

The basement.
The wastage had to disposed of at near the last room of the corner. The basement was dark and a streak of light passing through the Brocken door falling on the corridor. So I quickly walked along and threw the bag of syringes and blood stained bandages to the bin which would be later taken away by the cleaning guys. As I was walking past the rooms, the lights of one of the rooms switched on. It got my attention, so I scanned through the room from around the door. I hadn’t been here since a long time and I realized this used to be the old pharmaceutical drug storage place. I tough I should switch off the light and proceeded inside the room. As I looked for the switch, I could see the room was unkempt. A couple of drawers were slid out carrying some old medicines. Some bandages stuck to the floor. I could smell formalin in the air. As I was on the opposite side of the room, the light started to flicker. I felt some presence in the room, there was someone in the room. T…