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The salesman

The salesman.

After an hour of waiting outside, the receptionist said “You can go in” A young pregnant girl was accompanied probably by her husband or her lover. I went in. The doctor was washing his hands, after some procedure. I had been around enough doctors to know that it was a quick scan of the fetus and he might have a vaginal examination also just to check if the head of the fetus is engaged or not. It was a routine examination. This guy was my client for almost a decade now. He bought the drugs I sold and we had a good business relationship. This was my third decade into the pharmaceutical sector. I knew almost everything about it. This was the only industry in India which was growing consistently and rapidly year after year, even with all the controversies over how the big pharma companies exploited the patient, how the doctors prescribed drugs to the patients just for their incentives. Yes, all of this was true. It was happening. The whole healthcare system was controlled b…

The girl child

The girl child.
It was girl. The ultrasound scan clearly showed it. I was really disappointed. Not because I hated the girl child but because I had to somehow manage to hide it from the parents of the child. There was no way they would let it come out to the world alive. Actually any other hospital, it wouldn’t have been a problem keeping in mind the PCPNDT act. The act was strictly implemented by the Government in 1994 for prevention of sex determination during pregnancy mainly to control the epidemic of aborting the girl child which was happening both in rural and urban India. The act was modified many times later, making it safer for girl child by implementing restrictions on doctors and harsh punishments on the medical personnel if they revealed. A doctor could be sentenced to a year even if he/she reveals the sex of the baby by mistake or due to some error. The act was getting stricter but the mindset of people still didn’t change. And now I was the victim of it. I had just been…

The climb for God

The climb.
Ten years, since i last stepped inside our 200 year old ancestral spirit temple. gush of scorching black smoke and yellow powder struck my face, causing painful tears to roll down. My mother being very religious and superstitious, even all her five elder brothers were devoted to and worshipped the Family God. Our family God according to them is a deity who has the body of a man but the strength and the face of a wild boar. There was one stone idol of the face of the wild boar with tusks made of pure old, then there was the sword, jeweled head gear, the silk red cloth, about twenty coconuts and banana leaves all placed in the main prayer room. There were many other things which I didn’t know what but I knew they were very important for the God when he would take control over the human body and visit our family and clear all our issues. And not everybody is able to handle to power of the God, only men who have been doing these practices could do it. For us we had our man an…