Friday, 2 September 2016

The prison guard

The Prison guard.

The elevator stopped at basement. This was the most secure prison in the world and the basement floor was where all the most wanted criminals were kept.
“When I first got this job as the prison guard of this floor, I never realized why this job was so important.”
He randomly took out one key from the huge bunch of keys hanging from is belt. There must have been at least a hundred of them and all of them looked similar, same shape and size. Nothing to distinguish them. Only he could pick the key.
He unlocked the first metal, grilled door. It required two of us to push it open.
“But now, I know. It has been twenty years and the people who have been locked down here. They are dangerous and deserve to be here. Doing my job, ensures that I keep them over here, safe from the outer world. I know how important it is to keep them locked down here”.
One more door arrived. This was just a plain heavy metal door.
It had ten locks in it and had to be unlocked in one single go, all ten of them.
He unlocked all of it.
We were approaching the cells.
“About these criminals locked down here, haven’t you encountered situations where they have tried to escape or tried to harm you.” I asked. I was starting to admire his discipline. This job required him to come down here every single day, he had no days off and then he had to make sure that the world’s most notorious criminals were still inside their cells. He had to do it all alone.
“Yes, many times. All of them have at least tried escaping once. One of them has almost managed to kill me but I survived. Here” he pulled up his shirt and showed the huge stab scar just above his umbilicus.”
“What made you stay, despite all the difficulties” I asked.
“It is the satisfaction. Keeping them trapped here give me the greatest satisfaction. I feel like I have achieved something. It is one of the toughest jobs in the world and I enjoy it. Seeing them suffer down here, that has kept me in this job. It is an addiction and I will tell you, you will experience it too.”
He took out another key for the final door.
“Yes, of course now you people have to undergo a lot of training to get this job. I have heard that the applicants have reached a record high this year. Congratulations on making it. The job requires a lot of discipline but it is worth it.”
The position of the prison guard was now regarded as one of top position in the defense. They had access to the world’s most dangerous criminals and eventually they would be the ones who would try and extract the information from them.
They had reached the cells.
“Few more times and I am done” he said as the lights lit the corridor.
It was a long corridor with prison cells on both sides just like any other prison, the only difference, who was inside it.
“Usually we have about ten to twenty of them but right now there just a handful of them, and anyone mentally and physically sound is sent to our labs for experimentation, some are them are undergoing treatment for the injuries they sustained during the experimentation. We are making full use of them in every way possible” he smiled at it.
We walked to the first cell.
A naked young man was standing at the center of the cell just below the light looking up at the ceiling, as if he was waiting for something. He had a very thin physique and his ribs were clearly protruding out through his skin.
“This guy, he is a cannibal. He has a murder count of ten, including a whole family. He broke into their house at night, slit the mother and father. They had placed a silent alarm in their house and it alerted the cops immediately. They found him eating their two-month old baby alive.”
“Yeah, we tried feeding him something else but he only wants human flesh. So….” He pushed a button next to his cell.
A huge pile flesh, bloody fell to the ground.
He jumped on it and started feasting on it.
“This flesh is animal but coated with human blood”
He moved on to his next.
I could hear some bracelet noise coming from his cell.
“Well this one…….”
I saw someone dressed in a saree sitting at the corner of the cell.
The guard hit the cell grill with his keys. The noise made the person look up at us.
It was a man dressed in a saree, he was a transgender.
He had bracelets on his wrists and his ankles. He was playing with it, producing the noise.
“This guy has an extraordinary story. He is actually a doctor but later on in life he realized he wasn’t happy about his gender. So he underwent the operation but the never anticipated the reaction from the society. His own family went away. Then his murdering spree began starting with his family. He has a murder count of twenty.”
I didn’t respond.
The guard looked at me “Now you know why they are kept here.”
I shook my head.
“Haha……Don’t worry. You will do fine”.
We moved on to the next.
The next cell was completely dark.
The guard again rolled his keys through the cell bars. The noise was irritating.
“He must be here somewhere……….” The guard leaned on the bars searching.
It was dead silent for a few seconds, suddenly we heard heavy running footsteps coming towards us. The guard backed off just in time to escape the nails of the man.
Only his red eyes could be seen through the bars. He retreated immediately.
“whoooo…….” He went back. “Even after all these years, he still gives me the scare”.
“He usually stays in the dark, the light and sound make him very aggressive. He used to stay in the sewers back then but still he has an impressive count of sixteen and he his know to have killed all his victims with his bare hands.”
We moved on.
I saw a man, dressed up neatly in formal clothes, just leaning back in the corner and smoking.
“Yeah……this…. actually one is the smartest of them all. He has escaped the prison five time in the last seven years and just recently been transferred here. He was actually convicted of murdering his girlfriend for cheating on someone else but he had appealed against it. The court takes its time and he didn’t have the patience. He escaped prison during the trial and from then on, he has been considered a dangerous criminal. The court didn’t even give him a second chance.”
 “Yeah. I know” I said.
The guard slowly turned around.
“How do you know about him……”
“Because I am his brother”.
I inserted the bunch of keys which he had and stabbed it to the side of his neck. Blood spurted out from his neck like a fountain. I made it quick.
Finally, after trying many keys, I got the right one.
I opened up the cell.
I looked at my brothers face after a long time. He had a smile on his face and still had many years to live.
“Let’s go home, brother” we hugged each other tightly.

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