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The other side.

The other side.

“Ok, ok stop, stop here” she said as she pulled one of my arms from the steering wheel.
We stopped in the middle of a deserted highway. It was the perfect place to do our thing. And like always she was more restless and eager to get started. I have always been the passive one.
Even before I could get myself comfortable, she started rubbing her hands down my thighs.
And damn that felt good, I was already aroused.
Her hands went up and down a couple of times. Finally, she came up to my sweet spot. It became stiff immediately. She fiddled with it a lot, brushing it, trying to twist it. My tailored fit pants were already tight and now the stiffness tangles up some hair and it hurt a little. I tried adjusting it back but she was too aggressive, started unzipping my pants.
I wrapped my arms around her waist tightly and pulled her face close to mine.
She started kissing my face randomly all over. I was enjoying it when suddenly my right leg accidently kicked one of the switches and the head lights came on.
In that fraction of second I spotted a woman and a man standing right in front of the car.
That scared the hell out of me and made me push Riya away.
“What are you doing, are you crazy” she yelled at my face.
“I saw someone in front of us”.
She was sitting on me and with great difficulty she turned back. There was no one there.
“Who” she asked.
“Two of them, they were standing right there. I saw them right there”. I knew anything I was going to say wasn’t going to convince her.
“Ok……” she went back a little.
“Do you want this or not. What’s wrong with you”
I shook my head “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Maybe it was just my head” I kissed her hands.
She stared at me for a couple of seconds before the naughty smile again spread across her face.
She positioned my head properly and we started kissing again.
Deep into the kiss, we heard loud banging on our window.
“Oh my god” Riya jumped out of my lap to her seat.
It was them again.
The woman and the man were at both sides of our windows.
They were both banging with their fists on our windows like zombies.
“Ahhhhh” Riya clung onto me.
I immediately turned the ignition and started my car.
I put my foot on the peddle and raced away.
I managed to get a glimpse of the woman. She had a big round, red sticker on her forehead. Her eyes were bright red and she had short hair. I even noticed dark blue thin veins running along her neck and the sides of her face.
I put my foot through the peddle for at least a mile.
“It’s fine, they are gone. Slow down now” I heard Riya say.
Slowly I released my accelerator.
“Who were they” she asked.
I didn’t answer as the couple again passed by us.
How could that happen, how could they reach here before us.
I accelerated. I wanted to reach the city as soon as possible.
Every couple hundred meters, we spotted them standing at the side of the road. The woman in her red full dress and the man wearing his brown coat.
Each time I saw them, I got more nervous and the speed increased. And suddenly as I passed them again, a bright light flashed in front of me. I lost control of the wheel and the car swerved left and right, ultimately leading to the toppling and rolling of the vehicle.
After two turns, I lost consciousness.
Slowly I opened my eyes. Blood was dripping from my forehead.
I saw the woman and man standing and Riya alongside them.
The man pulled Riya’s head close to his ears and whispered something.
She came to me and crouched near my face.
My vision was still hazy; I couldn’t see clearly. But I saw two bright red eyes.
She was converted.
She held my face, positioned it as she usually does before she kisses me, but this time it was the kiss of death.
Her snake like tongue projected out and tasted my face.
 “See you on the other side”
She said and inserted her tongue into my mouth. It didn’t stop at my throat; it went down to my intestines. I could feel her pulling my intestines out through my mouth.

When I woke up again, I felt light, very light. I could easily drift in the wind. I felt empty. It was an amazing feeling.
At a distance, I saw the love if my life waiting for me. Riya was there.

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