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The frame

The Frame.

“Wow, those are nice. Looking good with those” my bench mate greeted me as I attended the morning session.
The final year of my automobile engineering course was pretty hectic, but also we had the chance to try and learn a lot of new things. Next month was our exam and after that we would try our luck with the car companies. Since we were a part of this prestigious institution, most of us would get into one of the leading car companies. But I wanted to get into racing. Formula one was my dream. I wanted to have my own race team. I had the engineering team set up and soon would start looking for investors and races. I was confident I would make it.
“The red really suits you” she was complementing me a lot for my new glass frames. My bench mate, she was one of the four girls from my batch and I was lucky that she was my friend. I couldn’t manage these three years without talking to a girl but lots of boys hadn’t spoken to a girl in years.
These new glasses were no ordinary ones. I invented these special frames which had a lot of functions. I made this product. This frame could be revolutionary if I could bring it out to the world properly.
My new frames could perform the following functions. It had the famous X-ray vision, showing the complete anatomical x-ray with any of the views, the anteroposterior view, plain, contrast for the abdominal area, even it could focus on the specific regions like if I wanted x-ray of the mastoid, it would zoom into it and give me. All I had to do was specify the type and area. This could be used for CT, PET scan and many more. This would revolutionize the healthcare industry. I have applied for the patent. It was patent pending but I am confident of obtaining it. Once the patent was issued I could market my product.
The next was for vision defects, like any other prescribed spectacles but the best part of it was you didn’t need to visit an ophthalmologist to get your lens corrected. The frame would detect the refractive errors by itself and place the appropriate lens in front of your eyes. Again revolutionary.
Then there was night vison and magnification. The night vision was military grade and magnification, it had the power of an electron microscope. I knew it was too much but this was just a prototype. I wanted it to be the best.
Then there was my favorite. The body scanner and this was looking at a person without clothes, naked. I could again focus on the internal system and organs, best used at securities. This one frame could disrupt a lot of industries. Sure shot at success.
I needed to check it, that is why I had got this to class.
I touched the frame near my ears, it got into x-ray.
“Good morning everyone” Our professor entered.
Today was a class on the working of the latest V2 engine. This engine was destined to be the new engine for the upcoming electric cars and even planes. I had read about it last night. Pretty interesting topic.
The X-ray was perfect. I could only see the skeleton moving on the platform, took a chalk and started writing on the board. It was funny to see a skeleton walk around.
Then it was time to check the magnification. For that, I focused on the corner of my classroom. I was at the middle right side of the class, our class accommodated about a hundred kids and it was quite spacious to move around.
I magnified 3x and could see the back benchers clearly. The last two boys were working on some sort of battery device. I couldn’t see clearly but it looked like a mini drone. It was very small. I magnified 10x 100x and only then I could see it clearly. They were using magnifying eye gear like mine but a less advanced type.
Now I wanted to try my scanner. I quickly switched it to scanner mode and there it was. All of them naked. But it wasn’t the sight I was hoping for. A class of naked boys. It was disgusting. Then in the middle I found a girl, and that made my day. My stuff hardened up and I enjoyed myself for a while. I deserved it I feel.
“Dude, why are you staring at her like that” my bench mate asked.
That jolted me a little.
“No nothing…….”
“Do you like her” she asked.
My scanner was still on. I was trying hard to look at her face and not go down. Because then she would be too suspicious. She was my friend, best friend.
“No…No” I said.
“Then concentrate on the class. It’s important” she said and turned front.
I quickly saw it and they were really good. But I had to stop.  Maybe next time, I would sit somewhere alone in the back and enjoy freely.
I almost forgot about the night vision as well. But for that I needed the lights off. That I had access to. So I hacked the class lights and turned it all off.
I switched on my night vision and it worked beautifully. I could see the proffessor, the class. I turned to my left and nothing. My bench mate was missing.
Damn. I looked around, everybody was there. I switched on the lights. There was a sudden relief noise from the class and she was sitting right next to me.
I again turned off the lights quickly, there was a little chaos starting in my class with the students moving and talking. She wasn’t there.
On. And she was there.
She was looking at me, a slowly gave a wide smile. It was scary.
The lights went off by itself. I didn’t control it this time.
She was sitting right there, in white clothes, her hair left free and long, smiling at me.

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