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The only recretion

The only recreation.

My rural postings were coming to an end just when I was starting to enjoy it. The postings were of one month, the first ten days were boring, there were very few patients and we had nothing to do. Three of us were posted here, but then fortunately for me after ten days, my next roll no guy went to the states for an observeship, he was preparing for the US entrance. So it was mandatory to do an internship in one of their hospitals. He got it now. So as a result, the next person was shifted to our unit and she was a beauty. Navya and me were in the same unit a few times but never really talked to each  other. She wasn’t that good looking, but she was a nice girl. I only talked to her regarding subject matters, but suddenly she had transformed in the last few months. She had lost weight, worse some pretty dresses with appropriate makeup and she was the girl every boy wanted now. But luckily she was in my unit.
I took the opportunity and spoke to her, she was friendly and we immediately hit off.
One day in the PHC only we two were there, no one was there also. Navya and me, we were together unofficially.
It was almost afternoon when a young woman came to us. She had come to us because she had heavy bleeding.
I hated cases like these, the gynaec ones. I had decided that no matter what my rank would be I wouldn’t take up that field.
Navya took her up, she started asking her questions regarding her complaints. Just then our professor, health worker came.
“Let me do it. This is a very delicate case.”
We both got up and let Sir do his job.
Sir asked her to lie down on the bed, for examination.
“Actually you might not be knowing this but, she had come here last month for an abortion. It was third on. She is a very complicated case” Sir told.
I immediately took a step back. I was kind of scared to touch her also, not because of the abortions but I had seen how one abortion would affect the health of a woman and she had gone three. I knew she was in a delicate state. I better stay away.
But why had she undergone so many abortions.
“Sir, three. Is it allowed sir” Navya asked.
Even I had thought that there was a limit to number of abortions done. Maybe it was two but Sir cleared our doubts.
“No, there is no limit. If she wants it, she can do it if the criteria are right”.
It is required for our Indian system. Our population explosion needs such laws to be controlled.
“But you know, in these rural areas, the people have absolutely no knowledge about pregnancy and sex. I have seen girls as young as 15 getting pregnant. It is a sad sight. The family force them to have male kids, and till they have one they can’t stop leading to all this” he said as he showed us blood coming from her uterus. It must be some sort of trauma or some kind to her uterine wall.
“From the looks of it, she is still continuing having sexual intercourse and it looks like she is leading a very active sexual life.”
I didn’t why she was still trying to have babies when she had already aborted three. Maybe for pleasure.
She needed to be given education about protection.
In the back ground, we heard someone shouting and immediately three men came through the door.
The center man furious and angry, the first three buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, and strong alcohol smell was coming from all three of them. It looked like the other two were his supporters.
“Where is she” he shouted.
“you can’t come in like this” Sir told them and they stooped immediately. I was next to him. Our Sir was a huge man with a good height an d built. He was previously in the army and he could easily take on all of them single handedly.
“She……. killed my child” the center man said.
He was her husband.
The young woman immediately got up. She stepped down and ran to confront him.
I was shocked with her confidence and daring.
“It is my wish to keep the child, you can’t force me to do anything. I am tired of your beatings and no longer want to see you again.”
“What do you mean, you killed my son, I will kill you. You come outside” he threatened her openly. I could clearly make out that he was furious because he thought it was a boy child this time because according to one of their traditions, the fourth will always be a boy.
“Ok, I am going to call the police” Sir said. I gave him my phone.
“I will see you soon” The center man said and walked away with his men.
“It is fine Sir; he is not a threat. He usually comes like this and threatens me. After I have left the house, he is very angry but I am safe. “the woman said.
Sir put down the phone.
“Like, are you sure. Don’t you need protection till you reach your house” Navya was scared for her.
“It’s fine”. She replied.
We couldn’t argue with her. In the end, she faces many of such situations and knew how to handle it.
She finished everything. Sir gave her some advice about protection and educated her.
She left. A young man with a bike was waiting for her outside.
It was expected that she had someone else.
“This is the reason why our rural areas contribute so much to our population. They don’t have any kind of recreation here and sex is the only form of recreation they have over here. We as doctors should educate them constantly or else, not only them but it is going to affect us also in the long term. So…. remember” he said. It was like he was pointing out to Navya and me.
We looked at each other and smiled.
Just the next day, we heard news that two bodies of a young male and female was found near a river. They were both stoned to death.

I was happy that I finished my postings and was leaving the same day.

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