Friday, 5 August 2016

The most important person in our lives.

He was getting ready for work, when his mother came into his room with breakfast.
“Mom, what are you doing, I don’t want it.” he said as he adjusted his shirt.
“Have some son, have little” his mother tried like every day.
“Please, stop it, Don’t irritate. Go away from here” he said as he snatched the plate from his mother and kept it away.
She slowly walked out of the room.
Then as he came out of the room, he was busy putting on his shoes.
“Son, can you get me some stitching needles and cloth. I have lost my needles and I feel bored the whole day.” she requested.
“I am too late for work. You should have told me yesterday. I can’t get it now” he said as he left the house.
The mother was all alone in the house now.
She walked to the kitchen and went on to do her daily work. Her son would be back in the evening and she wanted to prepare son good food and make him happy.
Then in the evening he came back, tired and frustrated. His day didn’t go well.
He threw his bag and tie to the desk and fell on the sofa.
His mother heard her son return.
“Son, your home” she was busy cooking in the kitchen.
“I’ll get you food soon” she said. She wanted the food to be fresh and hot and started late, unfortunately, her son had come home early.
He was already frustrated with his day. He didn’t have the patience to wait any longer.
“It’s fine mom, let it be. I don’t want it now. Can’t you make it a little faster and keep” he went to his room and slammed the door shut.
Late in the evening he got a message from his friend “Due, Party tonight at My house”
“Mom, I am going out tonight.” He said to his mother.
“But son, I have already prepared the food”
“It’s fine. Keep for tomorrow. I’ll eat it for lunch” he said.
He went to his room to get dressed.
He was ready and sat on the sofa putting his socks. There he saw a picture at the corner of the house.
The picture was off his real mother who had passed away when he was young. He missed his mother a lot. He remembered how much he was missing her.
He went and got the picture, placed it at the center of the room.
Then he removed his socks, his clothes and got into his night clothes. His mother was silently sitting on a chair. He went and sat near her feet.
She smiled and was happy that her son was close to her.
“Are you not going to the party” she asked.
“No mom, no party is more important than you” he said. She wasn’t his real mom; he had been adopted her at a very young age.
From that day onwards, he never disrespected his mother ever. Because none of your friends are going to remember the part you attended, but your mother is going to remember the night you stayed with her.

Message: No job is more important than your mother, no party is worth leaving her alone. Never leave her alone.

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