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The Crawler

The Crawler.

“Suki, I think we have reached the place” I said as I checked the location again in my map.
He exhaled deeply and dropped his backpack to the floor. He stood there for a few seconds looking at the vast green space in front of him.
We had hiked about ten miles deep into the forest to reach this spot, it was almost at the middle of the forest. And according to our spirit map, this is the space where we would find the Crawler.
For many years, ghost hunters had tried capturing the crawler. It was the rarest kind of spirit which was known in the spirit world. And what made the demon so powerful was the combination of the spirits. The crawler was a combination of man, animal and the forest. Research done by various experts on the crawler showed that it never came off the ground, it was always attached to it while crawling or attacking and the only way to defeat it would be to make it detach itself from the ground.
And that was what we were going to do.
Suki was one of the world’s top ghost hunters. He had been planning this mission for almost a year now and he was well prepared. And me being his intern had to accompany him. I could have declined this once in a lifetime opportunity but then decided to give it a try.
Suki took out his night-spirit vision goggles and scanned the space. I just looked around.
There was a statue of a man holding a dead boy in his arms, at the center of the space. Rest of it was pretty much covered with light green grass and small plants. We could easily spot anything coming from a distance.
“Anything Suki”
He kept looking and then pulled his goggles down to his neck.
“Let’s move inside and check out properly”
He took out the necessary equipment’s required for ghost hunting. He took out his favorites pump shotgun, loaded the ammo and carried it in his back. He took out a huge long bladed knife, the handle had encrypted languages of the various demons he had killed and placed it on his belt. He then handed me a smaller version of the same knife.
Slowly we started exploring the space.
Suki took a pinch of the soil from the ground and placed it in his packet. I walked around. It was getting cold.
We thoroughly examined the space but there were no signs.
“Suki no signs of anything”.
“Yeah, let us keep looking.” He said as he went to the statue.
I went along with him.
The statue was made of white stone, the man had his head down looking at the dead boy.
Suddenly there was a noise, of the grass moving.
It was coming from behind the statue.
Suki immediately was alerted, he took out his shotgun and pumped it ready, pointing it in front.
I took out my knife.
Suki slowly moved aiming forward.
But there was nothing behind.
“Nothing Suki” I confirmed.
Suki turned around and rested the shotgun on his shoulder.
I heard something move above me, on the statue.
I turned around.
One of its arms gripped on the statues head and slowly it emerged. It sat on the head on its hands, its feet hanging on the sides.
Suki immediately pulled the trigger.
The shot missed the crawler as it fell to the ground. The statue head was blown to pieces.
And before Suki could reload his second shot, it crawled quickly and attacked him.
The crawler was trying to bite off his head. I ran and stabbed its back with my knife. It got stuck in its back but it moved away.
Suki and I observed it for the first time. This is the situation every ghost hunter wanted to be in. To be face to face with the Crawler.
The Crawler vibrated its body and recovered from the knife injury.
Its back was facing the sky and was standing on all its four, the whole body being pale blue, veins were popping from its neck and arms. As it moved the legs flexed and extended at the knee joint sideways just like that of a spider. From the trunk, two ribs were piercing out. They were thick ribs and it gave the appearance that it had six limbs.
The crawlers face was pale blue, it had reptile eyes and was completely bald. Its neck was rubber like, and freely flexed all the way round.
Its teeth were dark white, small, sharp and razor like and it didn’t have any upper lip to cover it.
Suki took out his knife and without any plan, he ran into the crawler. It was his moment of madness.
“Suki………” I shouted.
But before I could do anything.
He had jumped on the crawler. Suki was no match for the crawler with his knife.
The crawler tangled him with its legs and bit his head off in one shot.
Suki was dead.
I was next, I didn’t have anything with me.
The crawler with Sukis bleeding head hanging from its mouth slowly crawled towards me.
Then stopped at a distance. The crawler pushed its hands against the ground and tried to stand on its two hind legs.
It finally stood, then unexpectedly it tore off one of its limbs and threw it on the floor.
It gave me a long stare. I could see it trying to give me a message.
Then it diapered into the forest.
I walked to the limb and picked it.
Why did the crawler do it? I thought.
As I looked at the limb, I realized. The crawler had given me this limb so that I can tell the world that I had killed the Crawler and this limb is the proof of it.
This way no one would ever try to hunt it again. People would leave it in peace now that it is hunted and gone forever. That is all it wanted.
Peace from the world.

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