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One shot

One shot.

I loaded my M40 rifle with the 7.25x5.55mm standard ammo NATO and waited for my target to arrive.
Helen was assigned with me for support and I was feeling lucky. Helen and me joined the special ops team together, she was working behind the desk in the special intelligence section checking the files and paperwork until she cracked a major breakthrough which helped solve one of the cases.
After that she was posted to the field for assistance. Now she was with me.
“Helen, do you see anything”.
“Nothing” She looked through her night vision binoculars. She looked for some time and finally put it down.
“So, I know you are free after this. So maybe we can go for a drink after….” I had asked her out last week but she said her brother was visiting her. But today there was nothing. She was with me and I had nothing to do after this.
Helen blushed at this.
“You won’t stop asking, till I agree. Wont you”. We have set up our vantage point on top of a tree branch.
We were lying on our stomach and very close to each other, if we both turned together to each other we would end up kissing.
Helen was quite unorthodox for an army duty, she had short spiky hair and had colored it pink this week, last week it was green. Though the colors were bright, it suited her small face. She had a nose piercing, ear piercing, eye piercing and also I had noticed her navel piercing during training when she was stretching. Her right arm was completely tattooed. Her tattoos ranged from random patterns, to religious symbols to inspirational quotes to her favorite movie star.
“No, I won’t. I will keep trying till I succeed” I said.
She again blushed ta this. I knew she liked me and she knew I liked her. It was just that I needed to try harder.
She saw through her binaculurs again.
“Target approaching. Target in a big white cruise, Manor”. Straight ahead.”
I immediately looked through my scope.
I saw my man standing right in the front of the boat alongside three girls who were old enough to be his daughters in their swimwear. He had his armed wrapped around their waists and a cigar in his mouth. His men were standing at their respective positions protecting their boss. He was Kusha, a drug lord. According to our intel he controlled 80% of the drug trade of heroin and meth in the South east Asia. He had diversified his money in all aspect of business. His empire was worth billions and he was also involved in funding terrorist organizations. He was the most wanted man in Asia and fifth most wanted in the world. He was constantly travelling and it was difficult to locate him but finally we got him. This was one of his islands.
It was a wonderful life, he had everything and he would die a quick death.
I took aim and focused on the center of his forehead, I wanted him a little bit closer.
“Ok, if you take out all of those men without any of them firing one shot back at us. I will go out with you “Helen said.
I turned to her and smiled.
“That is way too easy.”
I waited for the cruise to shop near land.
All of his men except two accompanied their boss. The two men stood at the ship watching out for danger. Unfortunately for them they were looking towards the sea.
The men made a circle around their boss and the girls and they moved accordingly to their boss. It was easy for me. My rifle was full. I had sufficient bullets.
“Ok, here we go”
I shot the guard right in front of the Kusha. The good thing about my rifle was It was like a machine gun but with sniper accuracy and range. So I just kept shooting them one by one. And before Kusha knew it, all of his guards were dead. I waited for a second as I focused at his forehead. He pulled one of his girls in front of him. He had no idea from where the bullets came.
She wasn’t going to save him.
I pulled the trigger, a headshot.
“Well….” I turned to Helen.
“Two more on the boat” she shouted.
I immediately aimed at them when one of them fired at us. Luckily it missed me.
I shot them both and the captain also.
“That was close” I turned back.

Helen had a hole blown through her forehead. That one shot hit her.

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