Saturday, 13 August 2016



He was driving fast and rash. He didn’t follow any of the traffic rules and finally he hit a car in front of him.
The guy didn’t want to loose this chance, he got out from the car and started screaming at this man. A crowd had gathered and all of them were blaming this man for rash driving.
His car was a luxury brand car, and it would cost him a lot but he looked like a rich man.
He got out of the car, all of them suddenly stopped their shouting and looked at the man.
The man was in a dressed perfectly in a suit and tie, he had his shades on him which he slowly placed it on the forehead. But he was handicapped, his pants on the left leg were shortened to his knees and he was balancing on his crutches.

This handicapped man knew what people were thinking about him. How did a handicapped man be so rich? By default, handicapped people are supposed to be poor or dying and they needed some time to realize that he was an exception to it. He was a successful handicap.

The man wasn’t born to a rich family or he had inherited anything. He was self-made. He remembered the day when he started. He didn’t have a degree and stayed in a NGO center. Then he had dreamt of becoming a businessman, he wanted to create an empire.
So he didn’t have any money but he had a lot of shoes which he was given in the center. He started selling them door to door. He worked hard. There was nothing unique or different about the shoes, the only unique thing was that a handicapped person was selling shoes. So most of his customers bought them just for his sake. They like that he was trying to work hard.
He didn’t mind that people were buying because he was handicapped, he was quick to realize that that was his strongest point. So with the minimum amount he developed shoes specially designed for the handicapped. The shoes, he marketed them well, saying it was more comfortable and better suited for the handicapped who stress their weigh on one leg. He created a niche product and he scaled to other categories as well.
He didn’t even realize that he had a successful company now. And it was all because of the sympathy he got from his customers. Now he didn’t need the sympathy anymore, his shoe brand produced and made some of the top products. Now the shoes were really good.

The handicap man came back from his thoughts.
“I’m sorry, I’ll pay for that. Don’t worry. Tell me how much” he apologized to the man.
The man was staring at him like he was alien replied “No Sir, it fine, I’m sure you didn’t mean it. You can carry on Sir. It’s fine”
“I’ll pay for it.” The handicap asked again.
“No Sir, it’s absolutely fine. Carry on” he was treating the handicap with respect.
 The handicap man put on his shades, got inside his car. His girlfriend was sitting beside him adjusting her makeup.

The handicap man smiled to himself and carried on.

Message: Being handicapped can be your biggest strength if you know how to deal with it.

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