Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Crawler

The Crawler.

“Suki, I think we have reached the place” I said as I checked the location again in my map.
He exhaled deeply and dropped his backpack to the floor. He stood there for a few seconds looking at the vast green space in front of him.
We had hiked about ten miles deep into the forest to reach this spot, it was almost at the middle of the forest. And according to our spirit map, this is the space where we would find the Crawler.
For many years, ghost hunters had tried capturing the crawler. It was the rarest kind of spirit which was known in the spirit world. And what made the demon so powerful was the combination of the spirits. The crawler was a combination of man, animal and the forest. Research done by various experts on the crawler showed that it never came off the ground, it was always attached to it while crawling or attacking and the only way to defeat it would be to make it detach itself from the ground.
And that was what we were going to do.
Suki was one of the world’s top ghost hunters. He had been planning this mission for almost a year now and he was well prepared. And me being his intern had to accompany him. I could have declined this once in a lifetime opportunity but then decided to give it a try.
Suki took out his night-spirit vision goggles and scanned the space. I just looked around.
There was a statue of a man holding a dead boy in his arms, at the center of the space. Rest of it was pretty much covered with light green grass and small plants. We could easily spot anything coming from a distance.
“Anything Suki”
He kept looking and then pulled his goggles down to his neck.
“Let’s move inside and check out properly”
He took out the necessary equipment’s required for ghost hunting. He took out his favorites pump shotgun, loaded the ammo and carried it in his back. He took out a huge long bladed knife, the handle had encrypted languages of the various demons he had killed and placed it on his belt. He then handed me a smaller version of the same knife.
Slowly we started exploring the space.
Suki took a pinch of the soil from the ground and placed it in his packet. I walked around. It was getting cold.
We thoroughly examined the space but there were no signs.
“Suki no signs of anything”.
“Yeah, let us keep looking.” He said as he went to the statue.
I went along with him.
The statue was made of white stone, the man had his head down looking at the dead boy.
Suddenly there was a noise, of the grass moving.
It was coming from behind the statue.
Suki immediately was alerted, he took out his shotgun and pumped it ready, pointing it in front.
I took out my knife.
Suki slowly moved aiming forward.
But there was nothing behind.
“Nothing Suki” I confirmed.
Suki turned around and rested the shotgun on his shoulder.
I heard something move above me, on the statue.
I turned around.
One of its arms gripped on the statues head and slowly it emerged. It sat on the head on its hands, its feet hanging on the sides.
Suki immediately pulled the trigger.
The shot missed the crawler as it fell to the ground. The statue head was blown to pieces.
And before Suki could reload his second shot, it crawled quickly and attacked him.
The crawler was trying to bite off his head. I ran and stabbed its back with my knife. It got stuck in its back but it moved away.
Suki and I observed it for the first time. This is the situation every ghost hunter wanted to be in. To be face to face with the Crawler.
The Crawler vibrated its body and recovered from the knife injury.
Its back was facing the sky and was standing on all its four, the whole body being pale blue, veins were popping from its neck and arms. As it moved the legs flexed and extended at the knee joint sideways just like that of a spider. From the trunk, two ribs were piercing out. They were thick ribs and it gave the appearance that it had six limbs.
The crawlers face was pale blue, it had reptile eyes and was completely bald. Its neck was rubber like, and freely flexed all the way round.
Its teeth were dark white, small, sharp and razor like and it didn’t have any upper lip to cover it.
Suki took out his knife and without any plan, he ran into the crawler. It was his moment of madness.
“Suki………” I shouted.
But before I could do anything.
He had jumped on the crawler. Suki was no match for the crawler with his knife.
The crawler tangled him with its legs and bit his head off in one shot.
Suki was dead.
I was next, I didn’t have anything with me.
The crawler with Sukis bleeding head hanging from its mouth slowly crawled towards me.
Then stopped at a distance. The crawler pushed its hands against the ground and tried to stand on its two hind legs.
It finally stood, then unexpectedly it tore off one of its limbs and threw it on the floor.
It gave me a long stare. I could see it trying to give me a message.
Then it diapered into the forest.
I walked to the limb and picked it.
Why did the crawler do it? I thought.
As I looked at the limb, I realized. The crawler had given me this limb so that I can tell the world that I had killed the Crawler and this limb is the proof of it.
This way no one would ever try to hunt it again. People would leave it in peace now that it is hunted and gone forever. That is all it wanted.
Peace from the world.

The illness

The illness.

They would come any moment now. I was locked away in a room. The silence in the room made me restless, a soft ring echoed in my ears. I felt as if my brain was going to explode.
I sat with my legs folded to my chest on the bed, alone waiting for them to come and torture me, pierce me with the needles, experiment on my body.
I kept looking at the door anticipating the keys and then I heard the keys unlocking the door.
They were here.
I had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
He came in with his assistant.
I jumped out of the bed and ran to the corner of the room. I tried pushing myself against the wall, but that was the end. There was no escape.
I crouched myself against the wall.
 The duo approached me. He wore a long white full coat reaching down to his knees, his face was pale white and the wrinkled severely, especially around the corner of his eyes and his mouth. The few strands of white hair were tightly tied back to a small bun; his scalp was shining through it. A wide smile across his face as he approached me. I noticed a long needle in his hand, it was the longest needle I had ever seen. And I hated needles, even the sight of it made me scared.
And his assistant, she wore a tight white cloth reaching until her knees and tightened around the waist with a thin white belt. She was too thin and her cheek bones were popping out from her face. She had huge dark circles under her eyes. Her bright red lipstick wasn’t properly applied and it came out from the corner of her lips at many places. She was holding a huge scissor in her hand.
“Please don’t, please….” I started crying.
They didn’t stop.
“We are doing this for your own good……. listen to me. We can help you.” He said to me.
“No…..No.” I screamed.
They stopped there for a moment.
 “You are not helping me. You are using my body. You, people who sent me here, all of you. Let me go” I threw my arms in the air.
“Please calm down……. we won’t hurt you” he said as they approached me again.
“I won’t let you do this to me…….” I wouldn’t let them torture me. I slowly reached for the pen knife hidden in my right sock.
And with one swift motion, I propelled from my crouching position and jumped on her. She was closer to me than him.
I took her to the ground and was on top of her. With all my force, I attacked her face, I punctured her right cheek bone. I didn’t stop, I attacked her right eye, directly piercing through it. The knife went deep inside her eye socket and blood spurted onto my face. I attacked the same spot several times.
But he came and grabbed me from behind. He had his arms locked behind my back, his grip was too strong.
“Emergency……We need backup medical emergency right away” he shouted to his phone.
The room was immediately lit up with red lights. It was an emergency situation.
He took away my knife and dragged me along the floor to the bed.
I started kicking my legs, I even head-butted his nose behind which made him let go but he immediately recovered and threw me to the bed.
Just like that, his men had arrived. Now I couldn’t do anything. There were too many of them. They held my hands to the side of the bed and tied my wrists tightly. My legs were also tied up.
She was still rolling on the floor in pain with her hands covering her mutilated eyeball. Seeing her in pain gave me some satisfaction.
 He had a firm grip on my hair and pulled me up, the pain was unbearable. I could feel the hair tearing away my scalp. One of his men handed the scissors. He cut of a majority of the hair.
Then he took out his needle, attached it with a tube filled with light yellow serum.
He palpated for the veins in my neck. I shook my head violently several times but he pulled my hair back tightly and got me steady.
He injected the full liquid into my body, and slowly I could feel myself drifting away to the darkness.

From the window, a man was crying as he watched his wife in this state. But he couldn’t help it. She was mentally ill, and the illness had already caused the death of their three-year-old son. She was sentenced to mental asylum and treatment by the court. And also considering the fact that she was a violent prisoner, the doctors and the hospital had the right to use any method of torture or force to keep patient under control.

Smoked up

Smoked up.

He crushed the remaining cigarette filter, the small ashtray was overflowing with cigarette buds, but he managed to push this one. He lit up a new one and took a deep drag. Now he could think again. He couldn’t write without it; he couldn’t do anything without it. He had been working on his fifth book for about a year now and was now at the end stages of his first draft. His first three books had sold only a few thousand copies but somehow he managed to find publishers. His fourth book became a bestseller. He had changed his genre from romance to horror and it worked. Now his fifth book was the years most anticipated horror, it was based on true events about how a demon possessed a mentally ill mother and how it troubles the family.  With this book, his initial struggle as an artist was coming to an end.
In order to concentrate on this book, he had shifted to a house at the outskirts. The house situated far away from the town, with only a small road leading to it was the perfect setting for any writer to work on his book.
It was past midnight, and his room had a connected terrace to it.
As he was writing, he noticed someone sitting on the fence of the terrace. He couldn’t see properly; it was facing the other side. From behind, he could make out, it had a black coat and a black round hat.
Maybe he was hallucinating, he thought. He had been writing continuously since two days with intermittent sleep in his desk.
He blinked, took a drag. And the man was still sitting there.
He walked slowly to the terrace.
As he walked he looked around, no one else was there. He didn’t understand how the man had entered his house at this time. This was the only house in the area.
As he walked closer, he noticed that the man was fading away. Disappeared finally.
On reaching the spot, there was no one. But there was a half cigarette lying on the fence.
He picked it up, it was the most beautiful smoke he had ever seen. The smoke rising slowly, half used.
It was too tempting. He took a deep drag.
The feeling was out of this world; he had smoked thousands of cigarettes before but never got the kick like this ever.
His head felt light, and he was going into a different world.
He was somewhere else. He was standing in a front of a door. He was trapped by walls on all his sides, there was no space even to stretch his arms, he had to go in.
He entered the room. The room dark and cigarette smoke had engulfed the room completely.
There was no need to lit one, just breathing the air was enough.
The room had stacks of papers all around, on the floor, stuck to the walls, some papers were just floating in the air.
He picked out one of the papers just floating in front of him.
It read “Chapter four: She never loved me” It was a chapter of a book under work.
He picked one from the floor, “Part Two: Signs of demonic activity”.
As he scrolled though the papers, he realized these were all manuscripts, drafts, works of the authors. He didn’t understand why it was all trapped here in this room.
Suddenly he felt the door shut behind him.
He turned quickly and saw the man in the black coat standing there, his face was covered by the shadow of his hat.
It floated towards him.
He could finally see it.
It wore plain black trousers which was too loose. The black coat, full sleeved was buttoned up till the chest leaving the chest exposed. It had only a thin layer of skin hanging from his bones.
It floated and stopped close to him. It was at least a feet taller than him.
Now he could see it clearly and it was terrifying. The thin layer of skin was hanging loosely down as if it was melted. The face was disfigured completely. The nose was hanging till his chin, he didn’t have a mouth, completely shut. At several places, its skin was torn and there was a huge tear on the right side of his cheek. The cigarette smoke came out of it as it took loud, deep breaths.
“Don’t worry my friend” it said. The voice was thick and cracked up, it was the sound of a cancer infected throat and was barely audible.
It placed the hand on his shoulder. The claw like nails pierced his skin a little.
He could see him clearly now. His eye sockets were empty; it was completely filled up with the smoke.
“I admire your work my friend and I couldn’t help but bring you down here” it said.
He just stood looking at it, didn’t reply.
“I won’t hurt you, you see I just like you was a writer, an artist. So I admire you, respect you.”
it let him go and turned to the room.
“You see, all of this……. these are the works of many brilliant artists just like you. I like keeping them down here for myself. These works aren’t meant to be out in the world, where people don’t value artists like these. I keep it safe from getting scrutinized by the people who just follow others orders, who work like slaves for others and insult artists like us. I will keep your work pure, just like all of this” he pointed out to the walls.
“But…. what if I want people to read mine……?” He said.
“It is sad” it was behind him in a flash.
“Just like all the others, even you desire to achieve fame and success.”
It placed its hand on the head. The claws slowly digging into the scalp.
“I’m afraid it is not your choice anymore.”
The claws slowly pierced through his scalp, all of his fingers went into his brain. Blood started pouring out.
He couldn’t move, the pain was unbearable. His brains were being pulled out.
In one swift motion, it pulled the brain out of the skull.
It held his head close to its face and let out the smoke.
The smoke engulfed him completely. He was trapped here with his work.

Back in the terrace, the cigarette was still lying there on the fence, waiting for the next artist.

First line

First line. Metal creased the plant, documenting a milestone Balancing himself upright. The page adding to his queries, Trying t...