Monday, 25 July 2016

The last workout

The Late night workout.

He was the only one remaining at the gym. It was midnight and he was pumping his biceps. This was his last set of the day before he would lock down the gym and leave.
As he was doing his final sets, he suddenly noticed someone at the other corner of the gym. There was someone, but he had made sure everyone left. He saw properly, no one was there,
He again continued pumping when suddenly the lights started flickering at the opposite end and one of the weights fell down by itself. He immediately threw down the dumbbells to the ground, he was scared.
The lights flickered and he noticed a shadow working out. He couldn’t believe it, maybe it was some intruder. The shadow, was that off a bodybuilder who was doing heavy deadlifts. The rod was chained around his hands and he let it down with a scream. He wasn’t visible clearly but he had very pale skin from the back and his veins were bulging out from everywhere.
He wanted to run out of the gym but something kept him back, he was too curious to find out who this man was.
He slowly walked to him. He was shaking as he walked. The lights over the shadow was still flickering and as he approached the shadow the lights started flickering everywhere else.
The lights went on and off, the treadmills were running again. The weights started falling all over the place randomly and violently.
He was too scared, there was a dumbbell nearby, so the man got hold one of it firmly in his hand. He approached the shadow from behind. But then the shadow was gone, it had disappeared.
The lights came back to normal, the treadmills had stopped. Maybe he was too stressed out that he was imagining all of this.
He was relieved, and sat on one of the chairs. As he was wiping his face, he felt a presence behind him. His eyes widened, he slowly turned back………and then nothing.
He again let out a sigh of relief. And went back to wiping his face on the mirror.
When he just finished wiping his face and removed the cloth from his face, it was right above him, crouching on the rod over his head.

It white eyes were wide open and its face pale white, veins were popping out from bald forehead. It pounced on the man.

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