Friday, 1 July 2016

The Last fight

The last fight.

I got a firm grip on his ankle, I had him. He was a thin guy and I was strong enough pull him with one hand. He was at least three steps higher than me but I had him now. After chasing him through the stairs of the tallest building in the city, I finally got him.
He kicked his legs many times, even hit my face a couple of times but nothing hurt me enough to let him go.
I brought him down, he was just one step higher when a sudden, bright flash of light sparked from his shoe sole. It was too bright for any human eyes, that opening was enough for him. This time he kicked hard and accurate on my face, it didn’t hurt but I fell back from the force.
He ran to the terrace.
He wasn’t going to give up and I knew he had the upper hand with all the tech gadgets he had. We all had gadgets, not the general public but special agents like me and tech guys like him.
The basics we had were the accelerator attached to our shoes, it could accelerate us at a very good speed. The teleporter watch, which could take us to any of our landmark sites. And psychic tablets which all of us took before we went to the field. It enabled us to control object by our mind but it wasn’t much of an advantage if the opponent had it. He could easily neutralize it.
I also had the invisible shield armor and the X-ray vision. But Rikki, he was a tech genius, he had much more. He was a walking nuclear bomb.
I quickly recovered and ran to the terrace. The terrace was huge, and the wind was blowing fast.
I saw Rikki running to the edge. I had to stop him from jumping down. He was in his accelerate phase.
I used my accelerator phase and immediately used my energy to push him to the ground. The extra velocity of my accelerator was enough to throw him to the ground.
He was a very thin individual and was no match in one on one physical battle. But physical battle was extinct. No one touched his enemy. It was a tech battle. The person with the better gadgets won.
“Rikki” I called out. The best way to deal with this was to calm him down. But it worked rarely.
He was hurt and he slowly recovered from the ground. He was completely covered with gadgets. His both hands had watches and bands till his elbow. He was bald, and at the center of his bald head was a bright small round structure. It was shining bright blue. That was the nuclear bomb which he had implanted to his head.
His plan was simple, to destroy the city, and for that he had to land head first to the ground. He was going to suicide bomb the city.
“Rikki, listen to me. You have to calm down. What you are going to do is not logical. It’s not going to work”
He stood a few meters from the edge, listening. But it was clear he wasn’t going to stop.
He had no expression on his face. He was to leave his mark on this world by destroying it.
He shook his head and smiled.
“I have to do this. I have to. No one can stop me now”
Rikki pointed his fist at me, from one of his watches, multiple pellets were released. It hit my invisible shield, and all the pellets converted to gas. The gas was also blocked but only as long as the shield was on. The gas was double trouble. It acted as the shield repellant and enveloped me. I couldn’t move unless I got rid of the shield. But if I removed the shield the gas would neutralize all my powers. I applied all the force but I was trapped.
Rikki slowly walked to the edge. He climbed to the edge.
I had to let this shield free. I unplugged my armor and ran to him. I didn’t have the accelerator now, ran as fast as I could. I was running after a long time and my speed had dramatically reduced. Even in training, it was always running with accelerator.
Rikki raised his arms to the sides. He took the last few breaths before he would jump.
I was almost there, he didn’t realize that.
A soon as I caught him, he jumped. I went down with him.
He had his head down, direct impact to the ground would cause the explosion. I had only about a minute.
I was on his back.
I wrapped my arms around his head. I had to kill him. Only if he was alive during impact, would the nuclear bomb work.
My arms were tightly gripped. Even today after so many missions, I hesitated before killing someone.
Then with all my energy, I twisted his head anticlockwise. I felt the snap of his cervical bones breaking. He was dead.
I had to teleport immediately. Only a few seconds before impact. The teleporter watch was in his right hand.
I quickly turned the dial and pressed it.
Near the building, a passerby saw two men falling down to the ground. He saw them the whole way, the velocity increasing every second. But just before impact, they vanished. They were gone.
I landed on water, the velocity of my fall took me very deep but I swam back to the surface. Rikki, I left him. The ocean floor was waiting for him
I was in the Indian ocean, this was my only water landmark for teleporting.

Mission successful. I was safe and yet again I had saved the world.

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