Friday, 29 July 2016

The hard life.

The hard life.

He was late to his clinic by an hour, his patients had been waiting since more than an hour. He walked passed them to his room and started his daily practice.
It was a routine for him. One of his patient was an old woman in her sixties, she was accompanied by his son who come with complaints of fever. Most of the cases were typical fever or headache cases. The son was clearly not happy about the doctor’s behavior but didn’t say anything.
The doctor went on to examine the patient. The son was a laborer and had skipped his entire days’ work to meet the doctor.
The doctor finished the examination in just a few seconds and gave her a tablet for fever and pain “The fever will subside in a couple of days”
The son and his mother went away. They were charged 500 rupees for consultation. The son couldn’t believe it, the doctor had just prescribed a tablet and did nothing. It was not worth the cost. But he had to pay and he did. He would have a tough time managing this month’s expenditure.
2 days later, again the son came again with her mother. This time no fever but some joint pain. The pain was common for her age. There was no problem but he couldn't send her away without giving her a tablet. He knew that the son was not educated enough to understand it. So he examined her again a little and gave her the tablet.
“The pain will go away in a few days” he sent her away.
This time the son said he couldn’t afford to pay so much money.
So the doctor charged only 300 bucks this time. The amount was less but still a lot for the son. He payed considering that the doctor had reduced the amount. He hoped that his mother was cure completely.
After a few days again he came back.
His mother had headache this time.
The doctor knew this was a typical patient, came for all the silly reasons. Actually the mother didn’t have any major illness, just some minor problems. She referred everything as pain and headache.
The doctor examined and again gave her the same tablet.
“She will be fine in a few days”
The son again complained about the money.
The amount was reduced to 250. The son couldn’t control his anger any longer.
He went inside the doctor’s room and started slapping the doctor in full force. He tore the doctor’s shirt and bashed him to his head and face with his fists. Once the doctor was on the floor he even kicked him a few times.
“Enough is enough. You think you can fool me. Just charging money for doing nothing. You are a fraud, stealing money from poor people and enjoying your life. Your medicines are not working. You are giving my mother new diseases every time and want to make money. You all should be put to jail and thrashed.” He said and walked out of the room.
The doctor was hurt and on the floor. More than hurt, for the first time in his life he was afraid, he was shocked. He was just doing his duty; he didn't do anything wrong but still was punished. He never thought that he would be attacked by someone who he was helping.
The doctor closed his clinic for the day. He had lost hope on this profession for which he had dedicated 30 years of his life, the profession which he loved so much. But today, he was sad. The profession didn’t give him back. All those years and sacrifice, he felt wasn’t worth it. Maybe he could have been an artist, a writer, a singer, an actor but he had sacrificed it and his life a long time ago.
It was getting dark and the doctor slowly walked to his small house.
The doctor never enjoyed his job again, and always feared his next patient.

 The relationship between the doctor and patient is getting worse every day.
Doctors sacrifice their lives for the betterment of the people, and they have the right to charge an amount for their services.
They are your only chance of living. So treat them nicely. They know what they are doing. We need to trust them.

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