Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The exorcism

The final exorcism.

I tied them tightly to their beds. Five of them in total, each in separate beds close to each other so that they can reach the other.
Any time now, they could wake up, possessed.
Their mother standing by me. She had her hands on her mouth, she didn’t have her bath since almost a week. Life was already hard for her as a single mom, she barely managed to scrape through everyday expenses and now all her daughters were possessed. She was a regular to the church and there she mentioned her problem. I had done a few exorcisms in the past but nothing compared to this. Here there were five girls, all of them possessed together. It was just too much power, too much demonic activity for me. I had to summon all of the Lord’s powers to defeat this demon.
The youngest girl was 8 years old and the eldest was 14 years old. This demon followed a pattern. It went from the weakest to the strongest. First it possessed the youngest of the lot, then went to the elder ones. This demon didn’t just have one target; its power came from the many people. And I knew that demons who had the power to control more than two people at the same time, those were the most powerful and the dangerous ones.    
First I had to wait for these girls to get into their possessed forms, then I had to wait for the demon to show itself, which would only appear if the girls weren’t enough to break my faith in the Lord. It would be hard but I believed in the Lord strongly. The Lord had helped me through so much, but also I needed more than the Lord in this one. I needed the physical strength to fight the demon himself.
We waited the whole night but nothing, the girls were fast asleep, so was their mother. Even my eyes were slowly drooping now. It was early morning now, and the sun first rays hit the room, but it was still dark outside.
I heard a faint vibrating sound coming from the bed.
It was enough to wake the mother and me. I stood there waiting for anything. It happened again. The first bed of the youngest child vibrated and stopped, again started after a few seconds, the frequency and the amplitude kept on increasing. The child was vibrating along with it. Her legs and hands were still tied but her whole body was vibrating, she was shaking violently on her bed. The vibration wasn’t very smooth; the girl was almost jumping on her bed.
But it didn’t stop with her, simultaneously the next bed began vibrating also, then the next and the next. At one point all the five beds were vibrating very much. The vibration caused the beds to move around. The youngest girl was banging her head to the bed violently, the demon had given them a lot of strength. The eldest daughter managed to break on of her leg ropes. She was still contained in her bed.
Their movements ceased suddenly for a few seconds, I looked around. The mother was scared to death. The youngest suddenly sat upright on her bed, the force of her getting up, twisted her arms badly which was tied to the bed, but Her arms were broken for sure. The girl’s eyes were pale white, her face was normal, her short hair was covering her forehead. Her arms were completely twisted to the backside. She sat for a few seconds and fell back, then came the next daughter and the next. It was a sequence they followed. One after the other. The next round they started vibrating as well.
I had the cross and the holy spirit with me. I walked to the first girl.
She was sitting on her bed looking straight. I stood beside her. I could hear her muffled sounds of heavy breathing. The smell was strong, it was a rancid smell, that of a dead rat. This signified demonic possession.
I dipped my index and middle fingers to the water and chanted “May the holy spirit heal your body and take the demon away” I touched her ice cold forehead.
She let out of a loud scream as I touched her, her voice was too loud and high pitched that I had to retreat. She stopped screaming. But the other girls were also sitting upright on their beds. All of them together and all of them looking straight. They were looking at someone.
I turned to see, no one was there, their mother was standing at the door. I looked for a few seconds, nothing.
I turned back to the girl. She was floating midair, her hands were still attached to the rope, she was held back by the ropes. Then suddenly she was pulled away, the demon was pulling her away, trying to get her free form the ropes. The girl was played like a doll, her shoulders were already dislocated and was moved around 360 degrees. Her knees were bent forwards. It was a scary sight for the mother. I grabbed her to pull her but I felt a strong push from the demon and I was thrown to the wall.
I slowly got up, and there it was, the girls were all stacked up, one above the other in the first bed. The demon was crouching on top of them. She had her head bald, completely pale face, her eyes were like that of a snake, her nose was flat, her lower lips were torn in the middle to accommodate the sharp single incisor which was reaching down till her chin. She had no and greenish blue veins were protruding from her neck.
She suddenly jumped on me from that distance. I tried holding the cross but she had already attacked me and the cross fell from my hand. The demon was too powerful; it threw me from one end to the other. I had my head hit so many times, I was badly hurt. I lay on the ground hoping, praying to the Lord.
As I lay on the floor, the demon stood by me, she had her leg on me, crushing me slowly. But then suddenly, the demon was screaming. The mother had attacked it from behind with the cross. It was hurt.
The mother attacked it again multiple times, but the demon had still some power, it pierced through the mother’s chest with its sharp claws.
I couldn’t believe it; it had killed the mother. I ran to the demon; the cross was on its back. It was weak and almost dead. I passed the cross through the skull of the demon. It let out a wild scream and slowly vanished away.
Some vapors came out form the daughter and joined the demons spirit. They were finally free but they lost their mother.
It was a tough life ahead but at least they had a chance to live it fully.

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