Saturday, 16 July 2016

The elevator

The elevator.

My office at the forty fifth floor and it would at least take me at least ten minutes to reach there with the stopping at multiple levels.
This wasn’t peak hours; I had perfected my timing. This was about an hour before work actually started.
I waited for the lift to come but more importantly I was waiting for the hot girl from the human resources department. We met regularly at the elevator and she was very outgoing girl. Over the past few weeks I slowly had started flirting with her. I was hoping to do more than that today inside the elevator.
She arrived dressed neatly and tightly in her formal shirt and skirt. The tight fitting accentuated her curves beautifully. She was in her best shape and I was desperate to rub my hands all over her curves.
“Hi” she said giving me a smile.
“Hi, you are looking beautiful” I didn’t waste any time. I needed to work fast, so that I could get all the time in the elevator. She was in the 20th floor and it would take only a minute.
She blushed away.
The lift door opened.
I went in straight and acted as if I was holding the door open for her.
There was no one else, but then I saw an idiot running for the lift. I immediately pressed the close door button multiple times. The door just closed before he entered, he had managed to sneak his hands through but he pulled it out the last second.
One minute was too short.
I stood very close to her even though there was more than enough space in the elevator. The elevator had a maximum capacity of 20 persons and could carry a weigh up to 1800kgs. So it was like a room for the two of us.
I smiled at her, she smiled back. Her blue eyeliner was a perfect match for her brown eyes and her fair skin was radiating from the bright light.
“You are looking amazing” I repeated myself. I couldn’t think of anything and, I just wanted to get started with her.
She again blushed.
That was enough for me.
I immediately pressed the stop button and made the elevator stop at around the tenth floor.
I then ran into her and kissed her as fast as I could. It came as a surprise for her and before she could open her mouth I closed it with my lips. In the beginning I could feel her hands slightly pushing my shoulders but then she let it go.
I was really aggressive with actions but it seemed to work, I ran my hands over her back then went down, felt the curves and grabbed her ass tightly. She didn’t feel comfortable but I didn’t let go and she let me do it.
I was like a mad man, I kissed her a few seconds, I could taste her orange lip gloss. I went down to her neck, my hands immediately went to her neck. I was holding her neck in the choking position. I pushed her head back and wen below to her breasts, I unbuttoned her upper three buttons and kissed her breasts and groped them. The force made her go back and lean on the wall. I could hear her breathing heavily.
 Then suddenly, the lift jerked back and it started moving again. Someone from the lift service had started it. There were cameras, so since there was no emergency and we were just enjoying ourselves. The lift started. I let go of her.
I stood at the opposite e corner and adjusted my shirt. I was ok, but she quickly buttoned herself up. Her floor came.
We didn’t look at each other. She went to her office.
On the 15th floor came two gentlemen and one more of my friends.
She was going to the 30th floor. The gentlemen didn’t come usually and I was pissed off. But I didn’t know them so I went ahead to speak with my next girl.
She looked sad.
“What is the matter, Angie. Is there any problem” I stood very close to her, and slowly I kept my hand on her shoulder?
The men were in front of us, but they could see from the reflection of the door.
They would be cussing in their minds, thinking that I was a pervert. And they are right, I am a pervert but I liked being a pervert. I got the girls. They didn’t.
Angie looked at me “My boss, he is such an asshole.”
She started crying. I put her head on my shoulders.
“I was supposed to get that promotion…. but that slut……. Lory….”
I hugged her a little tightly. She was smelling great. I again couldn’t resist but rum my hands over her back, I rubbed her back consoling her and enjoying.
“She slept her way to the promotion” she cried.
“I know I Know” I consoled her.
The lift stopped at the 23rd floor. The men got off, they wanted to stay but they had some important meeting to catch up to.
Again we were alone.
I hugged her tightly and out my hands around her waist. It was a good feeling. My body pressing against hers, her smell. We were in that position till the 3oth floor.
I let her go.
“Let’s do one thing. Come to my house tonight. We will eat Chinese food and watch your favorite movie. OK”
She nodded her head. “yeah ok.”
I had a date for the night.
This floor a woman entered, she was in her late thirties but she had heavy make up on. Her perfume was too strong but I didn’t mind. Better than bad body odor. She was the fantasy girl to most of the guys from my office and I couldn’t disagree. She wasn’t a girl, she was a mature lady, she had wonderfully big assets and more than anything else, she had worked in the adult entertainment industry before coming here. She was a big star back then, in our puberty days.
I looked at her, she looked at me. That was our sign. I again pressed the stop button.
This wasn’t our first time. This was the reason the boys hated me.

Finally, I reached the 45th floor. I was refreshed and energized, ready for the day’s work. The morning lift is a big headache for most people, getting congested in a small space and smelling coffee mixed with bad morning breath.
But for me it was the best part of the day

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