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The chain reaction

The chain reaction.

Now was the perfect time. She was approaching my area like always. I wore my grey hoodie on, leaned against the wall, my head down. The street was empty and dim yellow from the street lamps. The perfect setting to do my job.
She was wearing her work clothes, the classic white formal shirt and a black skirt. The attire was perfectly fitting her body. She was a beauty.
She was busy on her phone, maybe texting her boyfriend or her friend. Well her boyfriend might have enjoyed her a lot but he wasn’t here now to help her now when she would need him the most.
My hoodie camouflage was good enough, to get her into striking distance.
Now she was. She was still inside her phone.
As soon as she passed by me, I immediately plunged from behind and tightly wrapped my arms around her mouth. She moved violently, trying to free herself. She was kicking her hands and legs in all directions. She clearly didn’t know any self-defense, because if she did I would have been on the floor right now. This was the easiest position for any basic trained person to grapple me to the ground.
I tightly pressed my hand to her mouth, the sedative spray was on my hand. I just needed to sedate her search her bag. I had done my research and she always carried a lot of cash every day, I even had the access to her credit cards, her iPhone was fingerprint locked. I knew she always referred her phone for the passwords because she had too many credit cards. It was all accessible.
After a couple of seconds, she started slowing down, and finally rested. She was lifeless now. She was still smelling good at the end of her day. I couldn’t resist but feel her breasts. I felt them light first them grabbed them firmly. They were firm and nice. I squeezed them couple of time and then put her on the floor. I searched her bag, got the cash and the cards. She would wake up in a couple of hours. I had executed my plan beautifully, didn’t leave anything which could get myself in trouble. But I looked at her again. I was gain tempted, a beautiful girl on the ground. But it was too risky, so I squeezed her breasts one more time before I left. And unlocked her iPhone also.

Perfect time now. I saw him searching her bag, he had done almost everything, all I had to do was to get rid of him and kill her. I couldn’t wait to slit her throat. I lost my job, my income and my family because of her. I had to avenge it, even if I had to go to jail for the rest of life.
Finally, he finished searching, he had got everything now, but I saw him feeling her breasts. Men will always be me, but I didn’t mind if he had done it.
After he left I went there, I sat on my knees and admired her beautiful face. Yes, she was better than me. Something in her was attractive and innocent. I felt her smooth hair which was now scattered on the floor, her lips were rid and mist, her breasts were much bigger than mine, her waist was thinner than mine, she had better and fairer skin. Her breathing was light and stable. It was like she was sleeping peacefully. Maybe she deserved to get the job, maybe I wasn’t good to keep it. I reconsidered my decision, I wouldn’t kill her but I wanted to do something.
I decided to leave her naked on the street, and sedate her till the morning. She would then end up naked in a busy street. It would be humiliating enough. And one nude picture on social media would surely be enough to defame her for the rest of her life. That was a better option.
I undressed her quickly, and left her over there.
I saw her lying naked and I knew that this would be viral for sure. The men would treasure this for the rest of their life.
I walked away.

The next day, the picture went viral. This picture was circulated everywhere. Even though police had declared that it was a robbery and she was sedated, people still insulted her everywhere, social media comments were pouring in every second. This issue had become a worldwide sensation. The boys and men, they absolutely loved it. It was the most searched images on google, many porn websites opened up with her photo as their main theme. She even got multiple offers for porn movies. She even got sympathy and support from the celebrities and high profile people which made her the face of campaign for self-defense for women.

The event went so viral, that it affected the economy a lot. The websites gained a lot more income because of her. One of them was Wan. He was a regular office going guy who had a morning to evening job. He had a boring life, he went in the morning, did some accounts and watched porn in his office. Like usual. But this incident, he saw the bubble. The e-porn bubble. So he decided to open his own website. And it just took off. He was very successful now. Finally, he could give his wife the diamond ring which she was asking for.  They had suffered a lot due to poverty, his wife had to sell their wedding ring to survive and provide for their child. She didn’t know how he got the money, he wouldn’t tell her and it wasn’t necessary to tell her.
They were living happily now, their child could go to school and become a doctor or a lawyer. This incident at least helped this kid to be raised in decent manner. He wouldn’t go into doing illegal activities. This incident had a large impact on the society.
This wouldn’t stop here; this chain reaction would continue forever. 

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