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The cadaver(Cad1)

The cadaver.

“This is the worst batch of kids I have seen in my five years here.”
“Yeah, I totally agree. They have been giving me a hard time too” The watchman said.
The cadaver slowly adjusted itself and sat on the table upright with its legs hanging down. This was the table 1 cadaver and the oldest of the lot. Every part, every inch of its skin was dissected, studied, scrutinized, revised, experimented multiple times over the past five years. The anatomy professors loved this cadaver, this one had the perfect anatomy. All the nerves, the blood vessels were typical as mentioned in the text books. The students could easily relate to it.
The cadavers were hard to get and the universities had to take really good care of the ones they had. There were ten cadavers here and all of them were given royal treatment. They were regularly washed with formalin; the Ac was regulated 24 hours for the optimum temperature. More importantly the cadavers weren’t allowed to be handled by the students without permission, only the profs handled them.
The cadavers were dissected based on a proper teaching schedule set by the university over one year. The first three months were the upper limbs and the lower limbs dissection. These three months the cadavers didn’t have a problem. When the students touched their arms and legs, it didn’t bother them much. Next two months were the abdomen and thorax dissection. Here again, the male cadavers didn’t have much part to play because the organs lungs, kidneys, heart were handled outside their body. They felt light and free when their organs were removed. But fir the female cadavers it was a hard time. Breasts were the most important anatomical feature and it always came as a major question. The professors stressed on it very much and so did the students. It was the worst time for female cadavers. Everyday their breasts were dissected and analyzed. The boys took advantage of the situation.
The boys didn’t even let go after the thorax part was over. They didn’t care if it was cadaver breasts. The boys were in their early twenties, at the peak of their sexual desires, anything even related to a girl was enough to excite them. No one could stop them. The female cadavers had to suffer them.
I felt bad for the females but then we would get our chance when it came to the penis examination. It was hell for both of us. But we were a little more sensitive in that region.
Then the last three months of the year was the head and neck dissection, it was mostly the neck region and the brain. It was the worst time in general for the cadavers.

Today was the day just before the practical examination and all of the cadavers were prepped and dissected by the parts for which the students would have to answer.
The professors had done everything and the watchman was to make sure they were safe. Stealing cadavers was on the rise.
“So, after tomorrow you are free for the next two months. No more opening of your body” the watchman said. He and the cadavers were friends. since a very long time and only he knew their secret and he kept it a secret.
“Yeah. Finally, I can rest in peace. But you know I think 3 and 4 will be disposed of after this year. They don’t have the anatomy left in the, look at his hands” he was referring to no 3 which was the worst cadaver anatomically.
“He doesn’t even have the important nerves in him, his lungs are dried up, his blood vessels are shrinking. No matter how much formalin you give him, he won’t survive for another year”
“Yeah, he is taking up a lot of formalin. I have spoken to him about this, how it is unfair to the other cadavers” the watchman lit up his cigarete and took a deep puff. He let it out through is nose.
“And 4 he is rotting and the smell is too much to take even with the formalin. The students have complained and the faculty have already decided to dispose him”
Cadavers 3 and 4 were sitting at the corner table, discussing about their fate after tomorrow. Most probably they would be burnt or buried. Their cadaveric life was coming to an end. 3 had his left leg dissected for tomorrow and 4 had his neck dissected.

Cadaver 1 was checking out 8, a female cadaver hanging out with her friends just two tables next.
“Have you told her yet” the watchman noticed cad1 and asked.
“Told what.”
He immediately realized he was caught looking “Oh no. I will, but now I am not in the right mind. But I will, in the vacation maybe”
“Yeah, but make sure you do. They are bringing in fresh cadavers for the next year. So if you don’t, one of the fresh ones might and you know, the new is always better than the old” the watchman said.
Cad1 knew it.
They both sat silently for the next half hour or so. Enjoying the silence.
Cad1 was looking at Cad8. She was scheduled for her breasts. Her breasts were dissected and kept open. She had huge breast and a lot of subcutaneous fat was hanging out. Her nipples were hanging, swinging from side to side.

“So what are your plans for tomorrow for the boy” watchman asked.
“I will make sure he will cry tomorrow. He will never find what he is looking for. Thanks for setting me up” Cad1 said. This boy was one of the toppers in the class. Daily he used to examine Cad1 after class and had dissected every part of his body. Cad1 hated him.
The watchman had to arrange the cadavers and the roll no were assigned to each table. Each table had one cadaver with a specific part dissected. The student had to explain the anatomy of that part.

The next day, student came.
Before the boy, a girl came to Cad1. He loved when a girl touched him. Cad 1 himself made sure the girl got every nerve and blood vessel. If the girl was confused about anything, he slowly vibrated the vessel or nerve and this helped the girl with identifying. The girl got a distinction score.
Next the boy came. He had not slept or even had a bath for a whole week, he had studied the last full week and he was smelling more than the cadaver.
The boy started searching for the important nerves and vessels. Cad1 hid all of the nerves and vessel beneath the muscles. He had mixed them up so bad that no one could find out. There was no way the boy could find this out. The anatomy by Cad1 was too abnormal, too many variations. The boy panicked, he couldn’t find out anything. He started crying in the middle of the examination.
Cad 1 was delighted; he had never felt power like this before. The whole year the boy had hurt him, now it was his turn.
The poor boy managed to get a passing score but that was like failing for him. He had worked hard for a distinction, he deserved it. He had all the knowledge but that wasn’t enough. To be the best, you need to make people like you. Because in the end even if you are the best, the world won’t consider you.

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