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The architect

The architect.

This was my dream project, my dream house. It had taken me almost a decade to complete, but it was worth every second of it.
I stood looking at my masterpiece creation.
The house was my first project as an architect. During my architect days, I had got the idea of making a house which was a blend of technology, nature and design.
Initially it was difficult to get the funding for my project, so I put all of my father’s money on this. He had passed out during my college days, so I didn’t mind taking the risk.
The money was enough to provide for the basic outer structure. Then I needed huge investment for the technology part of it. My design impressed the investor who I was seeking for and he gave me the money. I was 60-40 partners with him. I was so jealous of him because I knew that this house would sell for a lot and he would make a lot of money just by sitting. But then he had worked hard to get to that point, I had to take that into consideration as well.
I and my dog, Lizzie a white Labrador stood outside the house. I wanted to see my house before I gave it to someone else.
The house was a horizontal tear shaped model. The bulb part of it was were the entrance to the house was and the tapering end was at the back, which was slightly elevated up. So it was like a sleeping J with the tip pf J pointed up.
There reason for this was simple, to avoid wind damage. The wind blew from north to south in the area and the tear drop was aligned that way with the wind smoothly passing over the top just like that of a cyclist’s helmet.
The whole outer structure was a single piece, made of white thin, rigid fabric. This material, I took two years to develop. It is a patented product which is a combination of rubber, thin sheets of steel and a lot of temperature changes.
This offered a cooling effect as well as great strength to the house.
I walked to the front of the house. The entrance wasn’t through a door, there was no specific point for entry. A person who has registered his DNA, and synced with the front circuit, will be automatically allowed to pass through the walls. This was the best feature of the house. It allowed the owner to sync his body with the house as a whole. So any changes in the body, if the person has fever the house regulates the temperature accordingly. If the person wants music, it will play anything he wants. If he wants food. The house kitchen, automatically initiates the cooking process. Everything was automated and what the mind wants the house delivers.
Even Lizzie came with me inside. I had bought Lizzie as a pup three years into this project. I was alone and I needed some company and what better company could a man get than a dog.
The house had no rooms, but yes if the owner wanted he could divide the house based on his liking. There were specific vertical projections which could be used.
The hall was huge, 15000 square feet of space. Any of the walls could project images and size and resolution could be modified. There was just one sofa at the center, but it was a liquid sofa which was made completely jelly liquid. The sofa would take any shape as the owner fells comfortable in and it was stretchable as well. The liquid movement could be seen through its transparent cover.
At the other end was my favorite bar counter. The bar table had a screen. The person just had to select the beverage with the specifications and the drink would emerge from the table. The best part of the house was its range of customization. The roof could me made completely black opaque or white transparent. The wall could be themed with any superhero, any football team, any sport legend, any company, a nation or any woman.
For pet lovers like me, there was a specialized pet section in the house. It was a smaller version of the house located which was located at a height.
The kitchen was situated at the back tapering end. Even though it was all automated, it could be switched to the manual mode and we could cook when we wanted to. Separate section for the pets.
Through the back, we could go to the backyard. There was a tennis court, swimming pool and also the beach. All of the vehicles were at the back. The house came with three free electric vehicles. One was an electric speed boat, then was the electric suit which was a scuba suit, and also used as an electric jetpack which had propulsions to airborne the person, worked on water as propulsion also.
Then was the electric buggy which could be used on the beach.
Since it was a beach house, many safety precautions were taken. Firstly, the whole architecture wasn’t attached or dug into the ground, it was only placed there. So any tsunami or floods, the whole house would float like a bubble. The area wasn’t an earthquake prone area. And fire would never break out because of the safety precautions.
There was no chance of any theft also.

Finally, it was time to leave the house. For ten years I had worked on it and now it was time.
The house attracted a lot of attention from high profile people from all over the world. But the government won. They offered the most money and they wanted to use this house for top secret work. My purpose was fulfilled and I had got the reward for my hard work. It was time to move on to the next phase of my life.

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