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Going in blind

Going in blind.

I looked into her tear filled eyes. Her eyes showed the helpless state she was in.
I nodded my head and slowly pushed her head back to the bed.
The anesthesiologists were still scared to come close to her. They were standing at a safe distance from her.
After she closed her eyes and after her heartbeat slowed down, they went to her one by one. The anesthesia was given, double the normal amount. It was all calculated beforehand. Nothing was going to kill her except the thing which was inside her uterus.
I didn’t let any of the postgraduates into the OT. This case could only be handled by professionals like me. So I had my super specialized team for this.
I always wanted to get into Gynecology. I developed a strong liking for the field thought my undergrad studies. My friends always teased me about my choice, it did hurt me a few times, it made me think twice about my decision but then their opinion, never mattered in my life. I did what I always wanted to do. I believed in myself and today I am the most successful gynecologist in the world and this case was the most talked about case everywhere. Experts from all around the world wanted to get into the theatre for this case. But now I was in charge, I was the head surgeon of the most wanted case in medical history. I bet now my class mates would have a different opinion about what I wanted to do.
We five had worked on this case since three months, we tried all the investigations in the world but nothing. We did everything. Scan, ultrasound revealed nothing. The monitor only showed us black screen, the scan couldn’t read her uterus at all. Since no expert believed us, we performed the scan live, this got the media involved in the case. After that the media has been following this case regularly, and made me a superstar.
We couldn’t do any procedures as well. We couldn’t take a biopsy; we couldn’t curate the vaginal wall. The opening was tightly shut and it would cause extreme pain to her as we tried.
The urine samples were the only available diagnostic feature we had but the results were horrendous. Every time we took the sample, the color of the urine kept changing. It was getting darker as time progressed. First was light yellow, there was no blood cells or anything but then it got darker to dark yellow to brown. The latest one was charcoal black and the urine was so thick, it was semi solid in nature. The black charcoal urine had very high acidic content and it corroded the vessel in which it was kept. We had it closed but the vapors of it were too acidic and it burnt through, finally it vaporized.
Even on physical examination, I couldn’t palpate any of the fetal parts, but then what seemed to be like the head, a globular was then surrounded by sharp features like horns. I couldn’t fell anything else, the uterine wall was too thick.
 We gave up and finally decided operate her. Go in blind.
The anesthesia had kicked in and her breathing had steadied.
I started the procedure.
Slowly and smoothly I let my scalpel slide through her lower abdomen to make a U shaped incision.
I felt a little more confident with each stroke and finally I passed through the skin and the subcutaneous fat. There was nothing abnormal till now.
Finally, I could see the uterine wall. All of us examined it thoroughly. The uterus had thickened a lot, and there was necrosis formation in some of the area. The wall was slightly black in color.
I had to open this up now. As soon as I touched the scalpel on her uterus there was a sudden peristaltic movement which passed through her uterus. It was quick movement like a heartbeat but higher magnitude.
All of us immediately took a step back. No fetus could do something like that.
I muster up my courage and again tried incising the uterus. Again there was peristaltic movement, producing a mild thud sound.
“I think it’s too risky to go in” my colleague said. He was too afraid.
I wanted to go in, I wanted to know what was inside. I wanted to take the risk. The best surgeons are always the risk takers.
I kept incising the uterus. The movement was increasing every time. I kept going.
The others stood there watching in horror.
We all knew there was something abnormal, something powerful inside and there was a chance we could get ourselves killed.
Few more incisions. Just as I cut opened uterine wall, blood poured out in huge quantities, it was like a river of blood gushing through a narrow opening.
We couldn’t control the bleed; it was too much. Blood was flowing on the floor. The nurses tried their best but it was just panic.
I tried blocking the site with my hands but the blood kept coming, slowly the blood coming out was turning black. I removed my hands and saw black thick mucus coming out, the uterus started shaking. The peristaltic movements were getting aggressive.
I moved away.
At one point whole of her abdomen was moving vigorously, vibrating as if her uterus was going to explode.
Then it happened.
Her uterus burst open and black mucous erupted. I ran to the end of the room, some drops of the black blood hit me. It was the same acidic fluid. It burnt my skin and clothes. I stood against the wall.
I saw that the rest of team were all lying on the ground. The black blood had consumed them all. One of the doctors was screaming on the floor dying a painful death. Black blood had fallen on his face and slowly it was burning through his flesh. I could see his eyes corroding slowly. I was saved.
Then I looked at the table. The patient was till there but she as dead. Her abdomen was burst open, her intestines and uterus were coming out and all over the wall of the room.
I was looking at her abdomen when I noticed a small hand coming out through her open abdomen. I kept looking and it slowly was coming out.
My heart started pounding.
The hands were small but greyish black and the nails were sharp.
Slowly the head came out, then small body. Finally, it was standing.
It had the body of a baby but the face of a devil. The head was round and bald and small horns were projecting in every direction from his head. The horns were like his hair. The eyes were white, it had a smile on its face. The teeth were sharp and short. The black blood was dripping from its horns and from the corner of its mouth.
The body was small, his legs even shorter.
It stared at me with that smile on its face. I didn’t know what to do.
Suddenly, like the wind it crashed into me. I went unconscious.

I woke up, my head was aching bad. I looked around and found myself in a street filled with people. I tried to get oriented to my surroundings but I was in different city, a new country maybe.
I was standing in the middle of the street and a car was coming at me fast. It was too close for me to escape. But then it went through me.
I wasn’t human anymore.

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