Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Magic Builder

The Magic builder.

“Come one……five more…….” Rajesh shouted at my ears.
I couldn’t do it, I wanted to quit. My legs were dead, it was leg day, it was my last variation, last set of squats. I always hated legs, I didn’t want to work those muscles, it was boring and it was painful, but Rajesh made sure I do it every week at least once.
He always used to say “You don’t want to look like a chicken in front of them.”
I still had five more to go. These were the last ones but these last counts were the ones which mattered the most, the ones which would grow the muscle the most.
“Come on, lets go……remember why you started” Rajesh said as he stood behind me, wrapping his arms around my chest from the back for support.
I took a lot of short breaths.
With all my energy, I pushed my legs up and lifted the 150 Kg rod on my shoulders.
“One……….Yes come one” Rajesh encouraged me.
Again, went down, flexed my knees, pushed my glutes back. Came up again.
“Two, three……….Four………Come on……..last one……..”
I didn’t have the energy, I couldn’t get up.
“Get up…..”Rajesh shouted.
“Yeaahhhhhhh” I screamed my lungs out as I finally made it.
 I couldn’t stand anymore, so I fell on the floor and let myself recover.
“Good job man…….....good job” Rajesh patted my chest as he went to the dressing room..  Our workout was done for the day.
150kgs wasn’t my highest but the number of variations of excercises and reps had increased over the past few months of training. I was happy with my body for now.
I rested for a few minutes and headed back to the dressing room. Now it was time for protein supplements and a good steam bath.
The competition was only a month away and I was really expecting to be among the top three.
The last four years I had completely dedicated to make my body the best in the world. But only till I really started working out, I realized it wasn’t just about years of hard work, dedication, struggle and defeat. Bodybuilding was much more than that. It was a way of life.
Then the supplements and the diet which is more important than the workout, it didn’t come easy. Until I gained some attention as a bodybuilder, by competing in a few places, I had to somehow pay the expenses of the supplements myself. The expenses were crazy even for a normal middle class worker with a good salary. I was just a trainer in a gym. Those years were difficult, but I took the risk, I invested all the cash I had on my body and fortunately my body grew like how I wanted. I came first in a few local competetions, then advanced to district, next year to state and then finally I got the big break when I came second in the nationals. The result was unexpected and I had shocked some serious contenders. After that, things became a little easy. I got sponsorship from a major protein company, my diet an everything was delivered to my home on time, seven times a day, weighed and perfectly balanced. After the nationals got multiple invites for the international competetions and finally the money also came along. I got sponserships and ads, I want broke anymore. I had my own car and my own house.
Next month was going to be my first, and it was one of the Arnold Classics, one of the most prestigious events. Only the top bodybuilders of the world came there.
I was nervous but I knew I had a chance. At 28 yrs old, I would be one of the youngest competetors out there.
The dressing room was huge, I passed through the general steam section which was for the general public to reach my locker. We the professionals had a separate one.
I took out my favourite cookie cream whey protein powder. I added two scoops protein, two bananas to my jar shaker, added cold milk and took a sip. It was the best shake ever.
“well, today was good. The muscle definition on your legs is getting better.” Rajesh said as he went to his locker and searched for his clothes.
“Yeah, lets hope for the best”
As I was drinking my protein, Shikar entered the locker. He was one of the top in the field and my competitor in the upcoming tournament.
He smiled at me, I smiled back. We didn’t talk at all.
Shikar was wearing a loose workout sleeveless top and tightfitting pants.
He was huge, he was a monster at 6’4 and weighing 120kgs. His side chest was bigger than the width of any average man chest, biceps bigger than average legs. His legs were so huge that he couldn’t walk properly due to the friction between the two inner thighs touching each other.
Shikar would win this for sure, I was aiming for top three anyways. But one thing I noticed was that just two days back, when I last saw him. He had grown a lot in the last two days. It wasn’t possible, no ordinary supplement, steroid or hormone could do it.
Rajesh came and sat next to me.
“He has become huge very fast” I asked.
“Yes, it always happens before the competition. It’s the supplement. He doesn’t share it with anyone. He makes it himself. I don’t know but everybody knows it. It’s that magic protein” he said as he prepared to leave.
“Oh, wonder whats in it”
“That’s what we all want to know.”
I saw Shikar turning his back to me and filling his shaker with the proteins.
“Ok bro, see you tomorrow morning” Rajesh said.
“Yeah see you”
Shikar kept the protein back in his locker and locked it.
He took a sip and walked past to the steam. I looked away.
I decided to check out the what was in it. This gym was professionals and closed for only one hour full day. I would come back when it closed.
I wanted to win badly. I wanted to make history, shock the world. And for that I needed to do this.
At 330 early morning I came, entered through the back, the keys were given only for the professionals. Shikar wasn’t there, no one was there.
Locker no 11, I went straight to it.
The lock I easily removed, I had a special laser instrument given to me by a friend of mine who was a tech genius. The laser opened the lock and also sealed the lock back up. The laser light passed through the lock hole and transform itself to the shape of the key required inside it, unlocking it. It was the best innovation ever, and was not released to the market.
Yes, the protein was there. It was just like any other. White powder but this had no smell.
I took a pinch and tasted it, no taste also.
I took one scoop, put it in my cup and escaped from there.
I reached home, took three fourths of it and added milk. I drank the whole thing.
I removed my shirt and observed. A few seconds later, I saw the changes. It was happening in front of me. My chest was growing, I could see it move forwards, my biceps got slightly bigger, my traps grew bigger. My legs expanded and caused a tear in my briefs. The change was unbelievable and too much.
It was amazing. I need this to be the best. And I need to be the exclusive user of it. I had no other choice, I had to get rid of Shikar. But there was another way, where no one would get hurt and I could make a lot of money.
I decided to start my own protein company.
A year later. I walked to the balcony of my 11000 sqaure feet mansion, looking at the amazing view of the vast atlantic ocean.
It had been just seven months since I released my flagship protein product “the Magic builder” and it had already crossed revenues 2 billion and my protein company “Magic whey” was worth around 50 billion. “The Magic Builder” was rated the best and the most efficient protein to be ever produced, I was on the cover of the Forbes Magazine and entered the Forbes 400 billionare list at number 10. I was no more a bodybuilder, my first international competition was my last.
“It has been an amazing journey, hasn’t it” Shikar patted my back. We were on our private island which we recently bought.
“yes, beautiful” I had achieved everything I ever wanted.
It was kind of weird I had achieved so much with a product which I didn’t even make.
I took Shikar’s protein, asked my scientist friend to find out the components, explained my intentions of starting a protein company. All I had to so was give him some royalty deal.
Patented the formula and then approach Shikar. He had no other choice but to agree on my deal. I gave him a part of my company and then the rest is history.
The journey of greatness, it starts with an idea. The idea doesn’t necessarily have to be yours.

“Good companies copy, great companies steal ideas”. It has worked for a lot of greats and it has worked for me now.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Ward 2C

A sudden loud noise woke him up. Rahul looked at the general ward 2C which he on night duty. Ward 2C was a small room, congested with ten beds, five on each end and a narrow gap in the center for the doctors and nurses to walk through, the ward was located at the extreme end of the hallway and was isolated from the other wards. The doctors rarely visited this ward, and send their assistants to check on the patients, the postgraduates who are mostly busy with their main patients fake the report of this ward. But every month there is one postgraduate posted there, for duty. This one month he has to stay there, day and night.  And this month it was Rahul’s turn and it was his first night duty.
He saw nothing wrong with the ward, all the ten patients in their beds, he saw at the right corner, last bed, it was a woman in her early twenties who had an above knee right leg amputation just this afternoon. She tried ending her life after facing years of continuous domestic violence from her husband but only partially succeeded. She was in pain and she couldn’t sleep. Maybe she made some noise while rolling over.
Off the ten patients, three of them were recovering from amputation surgeries, all of them diabetic and trauma. Three of them were chronic ulcer cases, one of the patient was suffering a huge burn ulcer on his thighs and abdomen for a year. This occurred when his house caught fire, as he escaped the house with his wife, her cloth caught fire. As an emergency precaution he threw her to the ground and rolled her, but the fire was still there and she was burning, in desperation to save his wife he threw himself on her body and tried to extinguish by rubbing his body on her. It worked but the damage had been caused and she died of the complications. Tilak had been in the ward ever since.
The rest were cases of varicose veins or tumours.
Rahul put his head down again and back to sleep. Last night also he was posted for duty, but he had escaped out with Isha. They had just starting going out since a month and last night was they had a lot of fun. Today unfortunately, he couldn’t escape as his seniors were posted in the same floor which was situated at the exit. He didn’t want to be caught and serve extra time in ward 2C. He just wanted to get this over with. But the ward had other plans for him.
He was again woken up by a loud sound. This time it was the sound of the door banging shut. Rahul was completely awake now. The ward had only one door. He checked the door, he couldn’t open it, he tried pushing it, kicked it a few times, but it was tight shut.  Maybe it was stuck. The hospital being a government hospital was as expected to show little or no maintainance.
He tried calling the nurse who was also posted there, she was in the adjacent connecting room but there was no response.
As he walked back to his desk, he noticed something missing in the ward. He looked closely at the ward.
The last bed at the right corner was empty, the amputated woman was not there.
Rahul felt a cold chill slowly run along his spine. She had escaped and locked the door from outside, he had to face the consequences of this. And he knew how his profs were, they would literally murder him.
He again tried pushing the door, he tried harder and harder, he kicked it, banged the door multiple times, he was getting desperate now. He was sweating profusely, his shirt had become wet.
“Aahhhhhhh” suddenly he heard a scream coming from the nurse room.
Rahul stood there near the door, his back to the door. He didn’t run to the room. He knew something was wrong and dangerous.
He stood at the door, breathing loudly, hoping he didn’t a second scream.
“Aaaahhhhh……..aaahhhhhh………No noooo” her screams were louder and more painful.
Rahul slowly walked towards the room. It was close to his desk.
The door was open slightly. He was really scared now, sweat was flowing form his face.
He pushed the door, at the corner she found the nurse.
It was a horrific sight for him. The nurse had two long syringes pierced through her ears. A thick needle passing through her cheeks from right to left. A long syringe was loosely hanging from her neck, it wasn’t deep enough to injure her corotids but she was bleeding and it looked painful. There were syringes all over her body, all of them superficial as if she was poked to torture. Three of them on her breasts, and double of them around her abdomen. Her white duty dress was almost completely red with blood.
Rahul quickly ran to her. She was kneeling down on the floor, her hands were free but she couldn’t pull out the syringes herself. It would be very painful.
The nurse was terrified and crying, Rahul was expecting an answer as to who did this to her.
She slowly pointed to the direction of the wards.
Rahul turned back, he decided to go back again.
 This time he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. All the ten beds were empty.
Rahul took a few steps back, he lost balance and fell on the ground.
He hurt his head but quickly recovered, he was feeling a little dizzy.
The lights started to flicker. He couldn’t do anything now. The lights went off and came back with a much lower voltage. The ward was dark and Rahul’s could see clearly now. He noticed a figure standing at the end of the ward. After his accommodation recovered, he saw her. She was standing on her both hands, he left leg was up and flexed at the knee, amputed leg wound was open, no bandage cover. Blood was dripping from it. Her face was completely extended to look forward. The neck was stretched back and inverted. It made a complete U turn. Her lips were dark black, her eyes had become brick red. Her hair was wet from the blood dripping from her left leg.
She moved her left hand forward, she was coming towards him. She was handwalking to him, even though she looked out of balance, she slowly made it closer. Rahul just stood to his spot. He had nowhere to hide. He didn’t want to lock himself in the nurse room. His heart was pounding, his breathing became louder and uneven.
“What do you want…….” he asked. Maybe he could talk to her and make himself a little more comfortable.
She didn’t reply, came closer and stood at the middle of the room, her hair which was touching the ground left a trail of blood across the room.
He waited.
“You did this to me…….”she said and smiled. Her teeth were black and old for her age. She didn’t seem too serious about her state, she was more interested in torturing the young man. She just wanted a reason to do it.
“I didn’t do anything. I’m just doing my duty. I’m sorry” it was better to bow down and apologise.
She liked it. She like it when people were scared. Their fear was her pleasure.
Her smile became more wide.
“You have to suffer for what you did, just like my husband” her smile was continuous. She was enjoying herself.
 “No……” Rahul kept going back.
“You have killed and given pain to a lot of people. Now it’s your turn”
He felt something behind him.
He slowly turned around.
The rest of the patient stood in front of him, all red eyed, the amputees on their hands, some supported by the others carried on their backs, some of them crawling. They were no more the weak and dying. They were powerful and terrifying now. But right in front was the nurse. The needles still pierced on her. All of them had a wide smile on their faces. Each of them had needles with them.

He heard the woman laughing in the background. It faded out eventually.

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