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The Magic Builder

The Magic builder.
“Come one……five more…….” Rajesh shouted at my ears. I couldn’t do it, I wanted to quit. My legs were dead, it was leg day, it was my last variation, last set of squats. I always hated legs, I didn’t want to work those muscles, it was boring and it was painful, but Rajesh made sure I do it every week at least once. He always used to say “You don’t want to look like a chicken in front of them.” I still had five more to go. These were the last ones but these last counts were the ones which mattered the most, the ones which would grow the muscle the most. “Come on, lets go……remember why you started” Rajesh said as he stood behind me, wrapping his arms around my chest from the back for support. I took a lot of short breaths. With all my energy, I pushed my legs up and lifted the 150 Kg rod on my shoulders. “One……….Yes come one” Rajesh encouraged me. Again, went down, flexed my knees, pushed my glutes back. Came up again. “Two, three……….Four………Come on……..last one……..” I…


Ward 2C

A sudden loud noise woke him up. Rahul looked at the general ward 2C which he on night duty. Ward 2C was a small room, congested with ten beds, five on each end and a narrow gap in the center for the doctors and nurses to walk through, the ward was located at the extreme end of the hallway and was isolated from the other wards. The doctors rarely visited this ward, and send their assistants to check on the patients, the postgraduates who are mostly busy with their main patients fake the report of this ward. But every month there is one postgraduate posted there, for duty. This one month he has to stay there, day and night.And this month it was Rahul’s turn and it was his first night duty. He saw nothing wrong with the ward, all the ten patients in their beds, he saw at the right corner, last bed, it was a woman in her early twenties who had an above knee right leg amputation just this afternoon. She tried ending her life after facing years of continuous domestic violence from…