Thursday, 24 March 2016

Doctor patient relationship

Doctor patient relationship-Title: Life changing encounters.
Description- This article highlights the eternal relationship between the doctor and patient, and also changing times, transition from the most trusted relationship to a modern day legal battle between the two. This article hopes to offer some kind of solution to the worsening rapport between the patient and the doctor.

Like a mother. Like a friend. Like a mentor. Like a child.
The hats dawned by a doctor are many because it’s after all not just about saving a life, it’s about helping them live one.
Being a doctor makes you responsible not just for the patient but for the entire family. It’s the best and the most difficult and one of the most respected job in the world and for a reason. Doctors sacrifice a minimum of half their lives on reading various books and going through endless sleepless nights. It pays off in the end but not as much as expected. The struggle continuous till they practice throughout.
Everyday words like “put in long hours of study” makes sense only when only when you see a critical patient in front of you and wished you studied a little more so that you could do a better job at helping him.
Sadly, gone are those days where patients used to respect doctors as healing angels. They seem to expect the doctors to be present at their beck and call without understanding the doctors that doctors are humans after all. And the economics adds to this, the healthcare industry unlike the other industries is always on the rise, so the issue of expenses impart doubts in the minds of the public that all doctors are money oriented. It may be true in a few case but not in all cases. The healthcare industry including the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies is a hard field where everyone want to make profits just like any other field. So it’s just pure business for some but doctors need to consider the ethics and do what is best for the patient. 
But this not the end of our sad plight but things are getting worse due to legality issues. There seems to be a continuous legal battle going on between the doctors and patients. The only thing the patients think is the right thing to do nowadays is to file a case against the doctors if anything goes wrong.
This seems to have initiated a sense of revolt among the doctors, and now also they seem to be taking necessary legal defense when they treat their patients and also now the doctors seem to be carefully selecting their patients.
 The situation seems to heading for the worst but with all this darkness and negativity there is still hope that this age old relationship will be get better.
The solution for this should come from both sides, patients have to realize that doctors always try and do good to their patients, they need to trust them rather than hire lawyers and threaten the doctors even before they finish their treatment.
And the doctors like the olden times need to loosen up a little. They could have more flexible timings, be more patient, understand their patients and more importantly build a long lasting relationship of trust and love between each other.
Because it’s not about treating the disease, it’s about treating the patient.

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