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Career guidance

Career guidance-Title: The guide to greatness
Description: Nowadays, people want to be famous quick, so they take big risks and put their entire life savings to become great. Some succeed while most don’t, so this article highlights focuses on the need of career guidance experts for today’s young entrepreneurs.
In the modern age, where everyone wants to be the next big thing, where everyone wants to have the next big startup, where everyone wants to be the next Jeff Bezos, the next Elon Musk, people don’t want to work for other people, they want to set up their own company and make a lot of money, so it’s hard to understand the need for career guidance when people just do their own thing purely based on passion, drive and their gut instinct. And yes, it has proved to be a good, simple and an effective strategy to become great, just like how Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Elon Musk of Tesla and Space X, Nick Woodman of the GoPro fame, like all successful businessmen, like all the many young people who have become billionaires from their internet websites and apps in the past couple of years.
It so easy to become rich nowadays, all you have to do is develop an internet site which will serve a specific purpose and the market it properly, but then again because now everybody seem to be quitting colleges and startup some company, there has been a huge overcrowding of new startups. The startup bubble may last for a few years but not forever, hence people need to concentrate on taking a proper sensible career decision and not just leave their jobs just because others are doing it successfully.
People don’t take Career guidance seriously because most don’t like the career options the consultants give them, and yes sometimes the consultants can be wrong but at least their advice can be valuable. It’s not time waste to visit a career guidance session, it gives us an overall view about how to take an important decision which will affect his life.
Every great genius has a touch of craziness, so a genius can believe in himself, have the ego not to listen to others because in the end they will succeed but the average humans need to take some advice from the others who have experienced the same stage as them before. It can be really helpful and life changing. Though everyone wants to make money and become successful, many are not able to cope up with the stress, hard work and the uncertainty that they need to endure to reach the top, so keeping this in mind the consultants will help them lead a stable comfortable life and help their kids study in good colleges so that they can pursue their dreams rather than risk their hard earned money and end up bankrupting themselves.
Even if a person wants to start their own company, wants to build a website or create the next big app, he can consult or discuss with a career consultant, a consultant can’t stop him from doing what he wants to do, in fact the consultant will encourage him on his journey and also tell him about the good and the bad consequences if he succeeds or fails.
Overall, there is no harm in getting a little assist from the experts regarding career decisions, but it doesn’t matter whether you chose career guidance or not, what matter is what you do in your life. Anyone who has the desire and passion to become great will become great. Because anything which can happen will happen.

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