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A chapter of my upcoming book

Nishanth slowly opened his eyes. He was in supine position. He could not move his arms nor his legs, his hands were placed on either side of his body, a few centimetres away from the waist. His forearm and arm were moving towards the axilla where it was finally in contact. His hands were fixed by two separate metal bands which was fixed to the side metal rim of his bed, one on the wrist and other midway on the forearm. The metal bands were tight and no matter how much force he apllied, he could not even turn his hands a few millimetres. His legs were split a few centimetres and were fxed at the ankle joint by a single metal band which was double the size of the wrist metal bands. The metal bands passed through the bed onto the underside of the bed which was completely covered. A bright beam of light suddenly flashed from above on Nishanth blinding him for a few seconds. Then the bed above his waist slowly started moving up forming an inclination, making Nishanth sit along the slope. It stopped exactly at 45 degree. His pupils were almost adjusted to the light. He saw the lights directly focused on him, it was the same lights they used for surgeries and OT procedures but he could not understand as to why he was on the table. As far as he could remember he was not suffering from cancer or any other major illness. He could see a man approaching him but his vision was not recovered completely, he tried to focus. Now the image was getting clear, he noticed a short statured man approaching him. He wore spectacles and some sort of digital band across his forehead. Now Nishanth could recognize the familiar face. It was Ramdas.
Ramdas stood in front of Nishanth holding a helmet with large headphones on its sides and a framework of metal strips running on the top of it forming unequal gaps which would allow strands of hair to come out when placed on Nishanth’s head. Ramdas placed the helmet on his head.
“It will all be over very soon. Dont worry.” He said.
“What will be over… what will be over?” Nishanth was panicking, he was breathing heavily.
Ramdas did not reply. He went over to the table and picked up the remote. The remote was black in colour and was slightly larger than his palm. It had a red regulator with numbers on it increasing in the clockwise direction. Ramdas had his grip on the regulator ready to turn. Now he turned towards Nishanth. For a few seconds they both looked at each other, eye to eye. Ramdas could sense the fear and anxiety liberated from his subject’s body. Nishanth’s eyes were like those of a lion being tamed by the ring master. Ramdas rotated the switch swiftly.
“Nooooo…Noooo…..NO!” Nishanth woke up gasping for air. It took him some time to realize that it was a dream, he slowly steadied his breathing. It was morning. He had never experienced such a dream before, it was a strange dream. Usually he did not get dreams, he slept as soon as he fell on his bed because he worked late and he hardly slept for 5 hours. But sometimes, Sundays when he went for work late, he had dreams, not like these but mostly his sex fantasies. He was 32 years old and was a virgin. So it helped him satisfy his needs. But this dream scared him. He thought about Ramdas’s offer to participate in this experiment and decided that he would call Ramdas and clear all his doubts about this scientifc experiment. But soon he forgot about it because today he had a date with Navya which was more important to him than anything else in the world. Navya was his present. Today was the day. He thought.
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