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Under attack

Under Attack

“We have a situation at the government district hospital. There seems to be an unidentified individual who has taken over wards on the right wing of the building. The doctors say he headed towards the paediatrics ward, and that he had a handgun with him, You need to report there immediately. We will send backup as soon as possible. We have to sort it out before the situation escalates to national news.” The chief commissioner gave the order. This was my first year as an inspector of this small town and this was a very delicate case to handle, in fact it required planning and a trained squad. I wasn’t ready for this but there was no other way. All the other officers were posted for security for the Minter of Energy who was visiting a Dam site for hydroelectricity opportunities. This Dam was the only thing which provided some economical value for the town. There was nothing much here. Population was below ten thousand, all below par socio economic status. The only concret…

The D tribe

The D tribe.

They pushed him inside the room, tied to his chair. He had a mask on his face. His hands were tied back behind the chair. It has been four days since he was captured by the tribe during the battle. Raga was the unit commander of the elite squad of the special armed forces which was missioned to take out the deadly D tribe as they referred it as. D tribe stood for Demon. This tribe had already destroyed the neighboring villages around their forests and were heading into the cities. Their base was situated deep in the forest. So the military decided a mission. A special squad was sent to completely terminate the tribe but as it turned out, the tribe possessed some special powers. They were blessed by the demons and the squad had to retreat midway. In this process, Raga was captured. For three days continuous he was tortured and was the subject of their rituals. The tribal wanted to know key information about the military so that they could take away the artillery, their ul…

The frame

The Frame.

“Wow, those are nice. Looking good with those” my bench mate greeted me as I attended the morning session. The final year of my automobile engineering course was pretty hectic, but also we had the chance to try and learn a lot of new things. Next month was our exam and after that we would try our luck with the car companies. Since we were a part of this prestigious institution, most of us would get into one of the leading car companies. But I wanted to get into racing. Formula one was my dream. I wanted to have my own race team. I had the engineering team set up and soon would start looking for investors and races. I was confident I would make it. “The red really suits you” she was complementing me a lot for my new glass frames. My bench mate, she was one of the four girls from my batch and I was lucky that she was my friend. I couldn’t manage these three years without talking to a girl but lots of boys hadn’t spoken to a girl in years. These new glasses were no ordinary …

The tree

The tree.

“hey common…lets go climb that tree” Rigi pointed at an old tree at a distance. “I don’t think we are supposed to go there. See” I ran over to the fence with a sign reading ‘Restricted area, no trespassing’. “Don’t be such a spoilsport, all the parks have these, it doesn’t mean anything. It is going to be fun. You remember the last time we trespassed, it was so much fun. Come on follow me.” Rigi ran towards the tree. I stood waiting if he would stop and turn around at me but he didn’t. I followed him. I didn’t want to miss out on the action. We went through the small gap between the fence and reached the spot. The tree was the biggest and the thickest we had ever see. “Look how big this is” Rigi said as he hugged the trunk of the tree. Twenty Rigi were required to completely hug the trunk. “Yeah” I brushed my hands through the wood as I went around it. The tree looked to be hundred years old, the wood was so rough in texture and it tickled my hands a little. The color range…