Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Night to remember

Nishanth and Vishwas entered the pub. It was a Saturday evening and the roomates decided to spend their weekend drinking after a hectic week. They were both postgraduate students in Orthopedics and finally they got some free time after working two days continuous under the orders of their Hitler boss.
They didn’t have any other friends and always used to hang out with each other. They were best friends and roommates.
They sat at the bar counter, ordered their usual Budweiser and both of them drank it simultaneously till they finished half of the bottle. The drink relaxed their minds and now they could scan the room for some hot, single ladies. They desperately needed some sexual activity to help them gain some confidence and to regenerate their energy for the next week. Sex could regenerate their energy levels,   big time.
Nishanth spotted an unstable couple near his corner. The boy looked old for his age, with a shabby beard which would have suited anyone else but him, he was unattractive. They were sitting on a sofa, with his one hand he was holding his drink and the other gripped around his girlfriend’s waist tightly almost squeezing her fair skin, he was already wasted and the alcohol was controlling him now. His girlfriend on the other hand was absolutely sensational. She was hot and beautiful. She was wearing a loose, plain, black, short top which would reach only till just below her breast revealing her midriff and her wonderful, toned abdomen. She wore tight, blue jeans which showcased her beautiful toned legs and thighs. Amazing body she had and her drunk boyfriend didn’t deserve to touch it, but like most couples the most idiotic, unattractive males get the hottest girls. It has always been this way.
The boy was forcefully pulling her towards him, kissing and licking her neck. The girl was clearly uncomfortable and she resisted him many times but failed, he was a muscular guy. He wanted to feel her more, so he put down his glass and used both his hands with full force, he pulled her face and kissed her tight. She pushed him as hard as she could but nothing happened. Then his hands slowly moved to her breasts. She couldn’t tolerate any more. She pushed him again and this time, he let go because of the constant irritation.
Nishanth and Vishwas were watching this from their chairs, they should have intervened but didn’t. Then finally they saw her getting up and walking away toward them. She walked fast and sat next to Nishanth, but her boyfriend also followed and reached. He pulled her hand, but she resisted. He forced her out, she was almost dragged but suddenly he felt a tug and couldn’t pull her anymore. Vishwas was holding her other hand.
The boyfriend turned slowly and saw this. His eyes were red.
He took a step forward, it was going to be a brawl and Nishanth was scared from the inside. He was no match for his enemy.
But then Vishwas stepped in front of him. Nishanth was saved.
The boyfriend saw this and because Vishwas was a strong guy, he had no choice but to retreat. The roomies had won.
The guy left. Nishanth was still holding his girlfriend’s hand. She slowly looked at him, she was much more beautiful than far.
They sat together. Her name was Shravya and she had just broken up, perfect for a one night stand. Nishanth found his date. He turned towards Vishwas for helping him and realized that Vishwas also found his date. He was busy talking to her. She was one of the juniors from the same college they were studying and she had come to the pub with her friends for the weekend. This place was a hotspot.
Nishanth and Vishwas impressed their ladies with their charm, good looks and finally took them home.
The next day, Nishanth woke up, surprised not to find Shravya in his bed. He clearly remembers their last night and how he had enjoyed it. It was the best sex he ever had in his life. Shravya was wild and granted him access to any part of her body for unlimited time, he had made the most of it and enjoyed her. He could still smell her scent from the bed sheets and to his surprise all her clothes were still lying on the floor. She wasn’t in the bathroom, but how could she leave without clothes. He then thought, maybe she wore something else. He didn’t care. He felt happy and full of energy, ready to start the week.
He went to the hall, found his roommate relaxing, sipping his coffee, reading the newspaper.
‘How was last night’ Vishwas asked. A naughty grin spread across his face.
Even his last night was eventful, his date was even better. He too was fresh and looked to start his week.
Nishanth ignored the question, he wanted to know if Shravya left ‘what time did Shravya leave………she left her clothes man’
Vishwas smiled, then laughed loudly ‘you have no idea ah………….’
Nishanth was confused ‘What are you talking about’
Vishwas got up and went to his bedroom, Nishanth followed. Vishwas opened the door and held it with his one hand indicating Nishanth to enter,
Nishanth entered. He saw two beautiful, nude backs lying on his bed. One was Shravya and the other, the other girl.
Nishanth was shocked, he turned towards Vishwas.
Vishwas smiled, closed the door slowly and went to the hall. Nishanth followed him like a dog.
 Vishwas sat, took a sip of his coffee and revealed ‘after you and Shravya finished your activity and you slept off……..actually dude you were high and dosed off early, she wasn’t satisfied, so she came to my room and joined us.’
Nishanth eyes widened, he couldn’t believe but again he wasn’t serious about her. So he relaxed.
Vishwas continued ‘I enjoyed the threesome for some time, but soon I realized that they were more interested in themselves than me. So I left and came to the hall. Turns out they did enjoy last night. They are Bi dude’
There was complete silence for some time. Then they started laughing together and finally stopped. It was an awesome night.
After some time Vishwas slowly got up, came close to Nishanth.
‘They are Bi’ he exclaimed.
Vishwas took his roomates hand ‘So are we’ he smiled.
They went to the room. Closed the door.  

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