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Life is fair when it needs to be

Ragahv, was alone on the beach. Only the upper one third of the sun was visible and the sky was bright orange. It was the start of the summer season but the weather was cool and pleasant. It was the perfect start to what would be a beautiful evening.
But for Raghav it was an exception, he had just experienced the worst day of his life. His company had just hit rock bottom, he was bankrupt and he himself was the reason for it. It wasn’t bad economy, shares or any other financial factors that caused the loss, it was his big risk taking attitude that did the trick.
Raghav, was self-made, first generation entrepreneur who had started a repair services startup along with his engineer friends and converted it into a multi-million dollar giant. He wasn’t an engineer, he was a second year medical student when he ventured into this. Raghav had an aim of changing the world and a big fan of Steve Jobs, so just like the legend he started working early and it paid off. His old school friend had talked about the project to provided cheap, quick repairs for the electronics and also provide home delivery. Since the initial investment wasn’t much Raghav agreed to be the investor and with his inspiring and determined attitude, he also inspired the team members and finally the hard work paid off.
 But the success had made him arrogant, and now he had taken the bad decision of risking all his shares on a software startup and now he faced the consequences. His team member unanimously decided to remove him and now he was jobless and broke.
He even lost his girlfriend a week back, but the break up didn’t affect him until now. His work and arrogance caused her to leave but since he was enjoying success a then it didn’t bother him. Now he was alone and he thought about her for the first time since the breakup.
His family situation was already bad. He had left home when he was in his second year of medical school. When he asked his father money for the startup and was rejected, he left home, he didn’t fight, just left. It was a brave and was the right decision at the time. But now he was regretting, he missed his parents and wanted to go back.
This was the best comparison one can make with God, parents. We only think of them when we need them.
Raghav put his hands to the face and pinched his fingers across his eyes wiping his tears, then shook his head trying to clear his thoughts.
Finally he looked around the beach and noticed a young couple making love just a few meters away from him. Actually they were there, busy with each other before Raghav had come and even he didn’t seem to notice them because he was too depressed. Now he not only noticed but also was starting to enjoy them move. They were really good at it.
The girl was over the boy and she was kissing him passionately, with her hands holding his face. She was controlling the act. After a few seconds of intense kissing she lifted her head and sat upright on him. She slowly slid along his chest and sat comfortably on his waist, her hands were on his chest. They were breathing heavily, they needed a break.
The girl was amazingly hot. She was a youngster in her early twenties. She was wearing a tight, short, white, delicate, soft sleeveless tank top which ended just above her navel, revealing her beautiful well shaped lower abdomen. Her shorts were unbuttoned, tight at the back showing the beautiful curve, almost whole of her legs were showcased and she had the best long, shining legs. The boy was enjoying this, he slowly ran his hands smoothly along her legs, to her thighs and finally rested on her ass, he squeezed it tight once and then left.
It was again the typical present day couple, the girl was hot and the boy was an idiotic drug addict and was one of the worst looking man on this planet. Typical and the present trend. Raghav was never able to understand this logic, why do the worst boys get the best girls. He had thought a lot about this and finally after several unsuccessful attempts to find even a proper theory, he just felt bad for the girls, It was their fate.
After regaining their breath, they resumed kissing. Raghav himself had struggled to get his girlfriend, even though he was almost perfect in every way, good looking, successful and all but his other classmates found better girls and faster.
Again his thoughts drifted back to his life, his failure. Raghav was always a determined, focused person and wanted to do something great, he achieved it early, but now he was lost.
His mind was pouring with all the thought, the emotions, the past, the future.
His phone rang and alerted him back to the world. It was some investor interested to fund him.
The investor was richly impressed with how Raghav converted the startup rapidly to a giant company, he believed in Raghav’s risks.
He got a second chance.
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